FreeStyle Libre for T2

Does anyone know if Medicare is rigid about covering this for T2 if not on insulin? I have a good Medicare Advantage plan. I have not been able to lower my fasting BG despite trying all kinds of things - protein snack before bed, increasing Metformin to 1000 mg ER, one in the morning and one in the evening. No change. Morning BG is always greater than 140, often 150.

I am not on Medicare so can’t speak to that. But right now I am using libre out of pocket. I am paying 112$ a month for 2 14 day sensors from walmart using a good rx coupon which for some is cheaper than insurance. I got the reader for free from abbot. Dont know if this is option for you or not.

Walgreens had a special deal for 3 10 day sensors for $75. Online Walgreens I was able to still get them for that too. That was cheaper than Walmarts price when I had checked.
But it was the 10 day sensors. The 10 day reader was $65 and you could trade it free for the new 14 day sensor with a prescription. I recently switched to Dexcom so I don’t know what the 14 day ones cost there.

Medicare covers my OneTouch Verio and test strips with no co-pay required. And Freestyle Libre has been approved by Medicare for insulin users. So I am really hoping they will cover it. Thanks!

There is a detailed form your doctor has to complete with specific questions
about insulin usage, hypoglycemic events, A1C etc.

Morning glucose is tricky for me also type 2. Put your meter beside your bed. Take a reading at 3:00 am, don’t sit up, and in the morning just after you wake up before you sit up and again 30 minutes after you get out of bed. The results may surprise you.

Thanks everyone. My pharmacy just called to say they were able to run the FreeStyle Libre through my Medicare Advantage insurance and it is covered. So I will have it sometime Monday.

And tduke that is a great suggestion! I’ll try it tonight.

Glad to hear they will cover it for you. Let us know how you like it.

I just got my reader and 6 sensors today. On my Medicare Advantage plan, no co-pay, which was a delightful surprise.