Libre suppliers

Going from private insurance to Medicare is a learning experience. I am in the process of selecting a supplier for Libre sensors. My current supply setup will not work with Medicare.

I’m sure this has been discussed before but guess who wasn’t listening. I read so much here on TuD that a lot of it runs together in my mind. I hope no one minds if I ask, Who is your favorite supplier for Libre.

Just curious - Are you married to the Libre? I don’t know anything about the Libre as I have used Dexcom all along. From what I have heard, some patients want to stay with the Libre after going on to medicare because that is what they are used to. On the other hand, I have also heard that Libre is often preferred before medicare because it is a lower-cost option.

Depending on your Medicare plan, Dexcom is covered 80% on part B and then many people have a supplement that covers the other 20%.

The Libre coverage may be just as good, I don’t know but I believe there are far more Medicare patients on Dexcom than on Libre.

You hit that nail on the head. It is what I’m used to and it serves my needs. I am not adverse to change, I have sitting on my dresser a sample Dexcom that my endo gave me to try. I have had it for a couple of months just waiting for me to get off the fence and try it. I think I’m afraid I will like it too much. I don’t want to make changes while I’m figuring out this Medicare thing.

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My wife gets Dex from Edwards Healthcare. Before the Dex she got libre from them. Zero problems and it has been years.

Thank you for the enlightenment.

You may want to reconsider dexcom G7 when it becomes available and covered.

Did endo give you G6 transmitter and sensor? If not used, the battery will eventually just die, and transmitter become useless.