Freestyle Libre cgm


Available in 31 countries but not here for prob 3 years

the FDA should be done away with -


Does anyone know if the Nightrider or MiaoMiao work with the US Libre 14 Day (MiaoMiao’s page says it doesn’t, but I read that it worked with the 10 day version)?

The Nightrider’s chat team didn’t respond when I posed the question.


I saw a post somewhere that it does NOT work -

not much help I know, I would assume it does not work


I read that about MiaoMiao (and their website seems to indicate that as well), but haven’t seen anything re: compatibility for the Nightrider


Neither the Miaomiao or the nightrider work with the U.S. 14 day sensors but they DO work with the 10 day sensors and as far as I know all other countries libre sensors. The developers of the spike/nightscout app are supposedly working on the coding so that the transmitters will work but this is understandably an arduous task.