Armbands for FreeStyle Libre

I will be switching from the Dexcom to the FreeStyle Libre shortly. I’ve been paying out of pocket for the Dexcom for years, but just got insurance coverage for most of the cost of the Libre and sensors (insurance will not cover a full CGM). I’m planning on buying the MiaoMiao, and would like to also buy some sort of armband that would protect and secure it, especially while sleeping, swimming, or going out with a sleeveless shirt.

Just wondering what people have to recommend. I have worn the Dexcom sensors for 30 days on average but it requires re-taping about once a week. I wear the Dexcom sensors on my stomach where I can use two hands to re-tape. I won’t be able to re-tape easily if the sensor is on my arm. Hence why I’m wondering about armband(s).

The MiaoMiao comes with stickers that attach to the Libre and your skin and they stayed on really well for me. The MiaoMiao will only extend the Libre sensor for less than a day, so unless you really have trouble with getting sensors to stick then you probably won’t need any additional armband.

I would do what you usually do with your Dexcom sensors (I remember that because of your allergies you use some sort of tape first???) and wait and see. Maybe you won’t be allergic to the adhesive but you will probably still need some sort of extra holding power, IIRC you are allergic to skintac so something else would need to be used.

The Libre excepting totally random instances of the sensor just falling off was usually extremely hard for me to get off without some sort of solvent. I went and looked for armbands but most of them seem to be huge but I found this one which might work.

I agree, the phone armbands are ginormous. I was t really thinking of those…more of just a stretchy fanfic type one. Maybe they don’t exist and I can get one made.

I’ve heard that many more people have problems reacting to
Libre than Dexcom, so developing an allergy is a major concern. I should be fine in the beginning since allergies take exposure to develop. But I’ll definiteky be taking precautions.

My aim with the MiaoMiao isn’t to extend sensors, just to have CGM alarms. Since insurance will be covering most of the cost for me and since the Libre is less than half the cost of Dexcom, I won’t have the same financial burden using supplies the way they’re designed to be used.

Hi @Jen There are armbands for OmniPods, although I have never used them, they were once suggested to me before I started using OmniPod when I asked about durability with swimming. This is one type.

You could probably find some on Amazon too.

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Thanks - this was exactly the sort of thing I was picturing!

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I used soccer shin guard sleeves because my son plays soccer and he just puts the guards under His socks, they worked great in the summer because the arm bands tend to cover your entire arm and they are hot in the Summer. United states 14 day libre sensors don’t work with any NFC to Bluetooth reader miao miao or blucon yet, so I’d wait to purchase the miao miao unless you are not in the us… have you looked into eversense? 200 for 6 months plus the cost of the insertions, maybe 700 for 6 months If your insurance only pays the bare minimum due to the bridge program. My eversense has been in for 67 days, and I prefer it over Dexcom because I haven’t had any issues…some people don’t like the surgery aspect, however, 20 years ago, I imagine people didn’t want a catheter in them at all times… “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change” 'Charles Darwin…

@Jen lives in Canada so using the MiaoMaio isn’t a problem for her.

Why bother with expense of Miao - see if the libre works for you first - also the T2 hopefully will come out soon making the Miao obsolete

I prefer xdrip to the libre Reader, plus the miao miao is for alarms, and I’m not a fan of waiting, as long as the 200 is not too much of a burden… I know tony24 is not a fan of xdrip, but I think xdrip is great… with the choice of different alarms for predicted lows, highs, rapid changes, etc, you can know what’s going on just by which alarms are going off, plus xdrip will announce readings, which jen will probably appreciate… you might need a little help, but you can set up nightscout with Alexa, and ask Alexa for BG readings too

If the MiaoMiao costs $250 and lasts four years, that’s a cost of $250. I was stretching Dexcom supplies to their max, and even then, four years cost me (and those who helped me financially) more than $10,000. If I’d used supplies “as approved” I’d have spent more than $26,000 in four years. The MiaoMiao is downright cheap.

I was never able to get an A1c below 7% for well over 20 year until I started using the Dexcom. Overnight, especially, is one of the hardest times to keep my blood sugar in range. I have slept through highs and lows that last for hours on end. And during the day, I work in a job where I cannot always be actively checking my blood sugar. So I feel alarms are well wroth the $250 cost of the MiaoMiao.

The Libre 2 does look like a nice device, especially if the cost remains the same as the Libre. It does appear to work slightly differently than traditional CGMs, though (still have to scan to get readings), so am not sure it would make the MiaoMiao and similar obsolete. Also, often devices take many years to be approved by Health Canada and years more to receive insurance coverage, if insurance coverage ever happens. I’ve already done the “holding off for years” thing with my pump and am not keen on repeating the experience.

That sounds really neat! I have an iPhone and my understanding is xDrip is very limited on the iPhone in comparison to Android. I am going to look into setting up Spike, though. I am not a huge fan of alarms on my phone, but if I can get alarms sent as notifications to my Fitbit to vibrate on my wrist, that would be amazing. I think vibrations would have a far better chance fo waking me up at night, as well as keep things quiet during meetings.

My watch is the only thing I look at…on my phone, without xdrip, I’d have to unlock it, then find the eversense or dexcom app, then see the glucose…horrible while driving… the watch and watchface is key, and your fit bit should work OK depending on which one you have…xdrip also has a screensaver on android… not sure about spike

I’m allergic to a bunch of adhesives and had no issues with the libre adhesive. We are all different though!

It didn’t ever come off while swimming or sleeping. I also wear sleeveless dresses and I was/am now in a high humid area. I was in a dry area at first when I wore it. (I wear a dexcom now) But the thing about the libre is if you hit it just right it pops off. Like the door frame or a car seat etc,

It’s nicer for swimming as the reader immediately works after you’re done. I always have to wait for the dexcom to “catch up”.

There is a new sensor in the works that you wear on your wrist as a watch and it gives the readings through the watch. It says it’s waterproof. I am avidly waiting to find out more about it as it would be great to be able to read BG’s while snorkeling.

I tried a sample of libre and it stayed on perfectly for 14 days. With no itching etc. I did have a bruise when I removed it though. There are lots of armbands for phones, maybe one of them? Or you could have one of the cgm and pump holder makers make a custom one.

It’s not an arm band, but I use OPSITE FLEXIFIX adhesive surgical tape to help keep the Libre secure.

It works well for me. However it takes a little practice to apply the tape with one hand.

I also use hemostats for removing Libre and infusion sets. My fingers are to big to easily lift up the edge of the tape. The narrow ended clamps can easily capture the edge of the adhesive disks without grabbing a chunk of skin.