Freestyle Libre readings

A month ago my new endo suggested I try the freestyle libre. I thought why not, this was before I had read about the issues it had with incorrect readings.

The freestyle readings were off between 20-80 points from my one touch, which has proven accurate in the past. For example, the freestyle has been showing fasting numbers between 52-58, while the one touch showed readings between 78-90. I’m almost 30 years as a T2 and would have known if I was that low fasting Some afternoon and evening readings are off by 60-80.

My question: is anyone getting accurate readings constantly? I am used to used my one touch, so going back won’t be a problem. But the size and convenience of the freestyle is very attractive but only if it is accurate.

Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences.

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Fyi, I have read the previous threads on the freestyle libre. I’m just hoping for newer experiences. Thanks.

My wife has had it for a year and the first months were a horror story - the last 3 or 4 months it has been very good.

She is down to one finger stick in the morning

I started putting it in a more fatty area of her arm

20 points does not concern me - if you do back to back checks with any meter you could see a 20 point difference

It is very accurate (for her) in the low area (below 80)

it has saved many problems

it works for some folks and not for others

help this helps

this morning there was only a 3 point difference

I think placement may be key, too. Do you put it higher on the back of your wife’s arm? Do you alternate arms? Do you use one of the patches that secures the disc to the arm?

Thanks for replying.

Kind of in the middle - between the top of the shoulder and elbow

I alternate arms

no patches - it sticks like crazy and she actually has a hard time getting them off - although patches may be a good idea in case it gets caught on something

This may interest you - suppose to be the best - I dunno

Thank you.

Thank you. I’ll ask my endo about this.

I switched from the Libre to Dexcom after 3 months.

The main issue was as inaccuracy. Mine was always too low by 30 points on average and sometimes by 80 points. That’s ridiculous. I realized the Libre works for some but not all. It didn’t work for me.

The Dexcom is more accurate for me than it was even supposed to be. Promotion says within 8%. For me every single sensor (they last for 2-4 weeks) has been within 6% or 94% accurate.

But even more than that, after having both, the Dexcom sets high and low alarms which is critical during the night and allows you to view it as opposed to have to swipe your arm in public to read the BG. In retrospect I would not have tried Dexcom if Libre wasn’t so inaccurate. For me a blessing. I realize Dexcom may be more expensive but if that is not the issue I recommend the Dexcom.

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I could have got the dex, but the tradeoff for me was screwing with transmitters and such

I just get up multiple time during the night to check on my wife

now that they moved all their support out of the USA it may have proven the better choice

also the libre will improve and I am hoping for medicare eversense approval which they claim is in the works

Thank you for letting me know abt the Dex. I’m new to this type of monitoring system and followed my endo’s suggestion for the freestyle. I have found w diabetes at the start of something new, there is a trial and error period. I’m setting up an appt w him on monday and will ask abt the Dex and other continuous monitoring systems.

The eversense looks very appealing to me too. But I’ll have to confirm w my insurance carrier that it will be covered.

Tony, thank you for your very thoughtful replies.

Dex is your best bet (imho) if the libre does not work out

not many docs even know eversense exists as they are just getting started in the USA - I believe they have 6 month sensors in Europe and are trying for a year

tons of vids on yourtube for the dexcom

@vivi2 if you are a T2 it might be more difficult to get a Dexcom due to cost and many patients lack of utilization after the initial 3 months. One thing that most insurance companies do use as a criteria for T2s is Hypo unawareness which would justify the alarms on the Dexcom (and which the Libre does not have without using Miao Miao). The Senseonics CGM is not widely available as yet due to a lack of insurance coverage, which they are working on.

Hi Tony, I checked out the vids on YouTube for the dex, seems simply enough but than so is the freestyle. It says it self-calibrates which I really like.

I spoke with freestyle today, they suggested the sensor was loose but I secure it with a patch. And when I removed it last night it was so securely attached I had to rip it out, ouch! Freestyle is sending replacement sensors.

Also, set an appt w my endo, so hopefully we can figure out what is right for me.

I so appreciate your sharing. Sending all best to you and your wife. Thank you.

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Thanks for the heads up. I tend to maintain in the sweet spot but if there is an issue, it is usually hypo. When I see my endo he will check to make sure what he orders is covered by my insurance.

Honestly, I had no problem testing 7-8x a day using my One Touch, so if the freestyle doesn’t work and the dex isn’t covered, I can go back to One Touch. I’ll miss the convenience of the freestyle but when was having diabetes ever convenient, lol.

I just went back to the 14 day from the 10 day. I was only allowed two packages of 14 day before my HMO made me use 10 day. So, this is probably my fourth 14 day sensor ever. And, the readings are way off. The ten day was almost a near match to Roche and Contour meters. I rarely did not trust things. The newer sensors…off by 40 to 100 points. I thought it was my imagination before but now I dont know…

As noted when I began this thread, my freestyle readings were way off too. I actually tracked the freestyle readings against my One Touch readings for a month and the difference between the two scared me. I keep tight control so even 30-40 points off can change whether I need glucose or insulin. I talked with my endo and he recommended I go back to using my One Touch. It isn’t as convenient as rolling over in the morning and passing the freestyle reader over my arm but I’ve found very little about diabetes management to be convenient. Keeping the tighter control is worth sticking my finger 8x a day. This may not be acceptable to you, in which case I strongly urge you to try the dex or other recommendations made above. However you proceed, I wish you well and good diabetes management.

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I am not qualified for Dex coverage but the 14 day sensor did seem to settle in and do much better several hours later. I do not trust it as much as the ten day, but I still like the system and it’s better than constant finger sticks.

I’m sorry you couldn’t get a dex, I hear they are good. But I’m happy your readings settled down. I wish you good health and good diabetes management.

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