Freestyle Libre side affects?

Is there any known side affects to the Libre? I’ve had mine on for a few days and I’m starting to get shooting pains down my arm that almost has me in tears. Anyone else have something similar to this? Any suggestions?

You probably hit a nerve or vein. Call Abbott tomorrow because they might replace the sensor. If the pain doesn’t go away then just take it out.

I wear a Freestyle Libre CGM. Love the convenience. I do feel the little sensor inside my arm, but it is not painful.

I am taking a heavy dose of Prednisone for a different medical condition and I chase high numbers all day. My Endo scripted my this sensor for that purpose and I love all the information it provides. I will continue to use it afterwards.


Edit (January 13, 2019) With the Libre Sensor I got a false reading of 43 this morning. I did not feel low, so I used my glucometer to find out I was 83. Grrrr.

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