Freestyle Librelink

I am planning to buy Freestyle libre 14day sensor $66, but trying to avoid purchase of the reader $80, unless it is absolutely necessary. Requesting feedback from the members on

  1. Can freestyle librelink initialize the sensor?
  2. Can freestyle librelink help to track the blood glucose?
  3. Can I manage without the libre reader?

Suggestions appreciated

Three answers. Yes, Yes and yes.

Thanks Stemwinder_Gary for your quick response.
I have iPhone XR in US and hope to download the freestyle librelink app to connect with the sensor.

@brightstar The sensors if you belong to costco and their drug program are $35 at Costco. On Libre’s website you can submit for a coupon for a free reader to switch from the 10 day to the 14 sensor.

Plus you can use your iphone as a reader (and others), as long as it’s on an accepted ios version. If you are going to use the reader and the iphone you do have to do the first scan on the reader.

I use the Libre on my dog right now and the phone reads the sensor and has the graphs, logbook etc on it.

Hi @ Marie20
Thanks for your guidance.
Are you sure the 14 day sensor is $35 at costco?
I verified with Sam’s Club, Kroger and both of them gave me a price of $65

I do not own a libre 10 day reader and hence cannot apply for a free reader. Price of the Freestyle Libre seems to be on the rise.

Thanks for the details on the Librelink and I will go with the Librelink instead of reader option to reduce the overall cost.

With best regards

@brightstar Yes, I have bought 4 of the 14 day ones so far at $35 each. Make sure you have a Costco membership (you don’t have to, to get scripts there) and you might need to sign up for their drug program (it’s free)? I belong to both. And sometimes there are special prices through it. No insurance was used.

Costco is very weird. I was told up front that it would be 59 dollars, and I wasn’t having success at a cheaper price through anyone else because our choices are limited here. But when I picked up the first one it was $35. And that has been the price since then.

The hassles of course is in the not knowing and submitting a prescription there, go through the whole process and you won’t know until you pick it up. But they are used to people turning down the prescription pick up at that point because of the way they do pricing.

@ Marie20 Thanks for your time and guidance. Highly appreciated

@brightstar I just picked up two more today and they were the same price. There is no insurance being used on it because it’s for my dog. The trick with her is getting them to stay on as her hair grows out under it! We’re on day six of this one.

Thanks @Marie20 for your update. Unfortunately, I reached out to Costco in MA and TX, the cost without insurance is $59 per sensor. You seem to get a good deal and may I know from which state/city you are seeing this price?. Appears that the pricing for Libre is on the rise.

That stinks!
I get mine in Maryland from CVS at $75 for two, without insurance coverage.
I hope you are able to find a better deal.

@Jules - Thanks for the update.
Quick question: When you buy 2, is it a different 2 pack model or is it two sensors in 2 separate packs?
Just want to know if that makes a difference. Thanks

It is two separate packs. In fact, last month I had to remind them to give me both of them.

Thanks @Jules. You are lucky to get this price.

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Honestly I’m lucky in a great many ways. I hope my luck rubs off on you and your pharmacist :slight_smile:

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@Jules Thanks for your wishes. Hope it comes true. :slightly_smiling_face: Have a great week ahead.

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I get extras at my Walmart in Pennsylvania for $35 a piece also. Since I knock them off every so often (more than the 2x/year they’ll replace), I buy them myself outside of Medicare. I have bought a single one and I bought 6 at once over the summer.

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Thanks The_Burn. Happy New Year.
But I am unable to find Libre Sensor for this price anywhere. Not sure if I am not able to comprehend my approach for this.