FreeStyle LibreLink App vs. Libre Reader

With the government in Ontario now covering Freestyle Libre sensors, I’m trying them again. Since I last used them I’ve updated my phone and can now use the LibreLink app. I have an iPhone 7 which to me is huge. My tech boyfriend is encouraging me to use my phone more for scheduling, reminders and alarms, but I’m still not used to always having it with me. And the Libre reader itself is so much smaller and fits better in a pocket.

I obviously have to choose one device to maintain continuity, but I can’t decide! Can anyone offer some advice?

Thank you!

Edit: I believe you have to scan every 8 hours for continuity. I won’t be able to remember to do that if I’m using both devices. Plus, I confuse easily! :wink: Also, I’m used to uploading pump numbers to Medtronic Care Link. Does LibreLink provide enough feedback?

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I have found that there is continuity, and can use them interchangeably.

Please use your reader(14day)
I had so many issues without using it at least 1 time per hour. If u go too long without scanning the reader it messes up.

I use my phone more because i keep it with me and easier to track meals and other things.
The reader has a good built in glucose monitor.
Use the reader first to Scan a new sensor then scan with phone. Never the other way around.
If u don’t have 14 day still use your reader accordingly to instructions.
It’s amazing they are covered for u.
After I lose my insurance in December I may no longer be able to afford them. Our healthcare (county) depends on other people despite I qualify 100% they take into account people I live with which is so wrong. I’m not able to work full time anymore.

You can use both, you don’t have to choose. I thought I would ditch the reader the minute the app came out, but I find it harder to quickly/discreetly scan with the phone app.

Hmm… you must be more organized than I am! I just get confused. :crazy_face:

Thanks for your reply.

I use the CareLink 2.4 meter because it talks to my Medtronic pump. I have been testing 6 times a day, but if I’m scanning, my pump isn’t getting as much data. Wish I had the money for a system that worked with my pump.

I like the idea of using reader to scan new sensor, then use phone. Can I ask what you mean by “if you don’t have 14 day”? The sensors I’m using are good for 14 days. Are they other kinds?

It doesn’t make sense to me either that you don’t qualify as an individual. I’m lucky here in Ontario that the government is recognizing that prevention involves fewer health dollars in the case of diabetes. I’m crossing my fingers that the federal election in Canada will improve access to health care for people with diabetes.

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*im in Texas and our healthcare system is better than nothing but they treat patients disrespectful.they charge u for nothing, don’t have set pricing and won’t even tell u pricing. It’s even worse without insurance. U don’t get help at all. The county failed to even give a standard prescription when I had it many years ago.
U have to always bring someone and take notes keep records when u go to the doctor.
They really don’t try and prevent or keep people healthy. Doctors seem to practice based on Pharma and insurance.

Did they discontinue the 10 day sensor? Maybe it wasn’t available to your area. It had a little different function but 14 day sensors are so much better. It does help prevent and monitoring blood sugar.

The OP is in Canada where they never had anything but the 14 day Libre and they didn’t block it from being used with third party apps either. The U.S.A. is the only country that got the 10 day Libre.

I can’t imagine using the phone for anything but backup

I can see the sense in that for sure. I’ve already misplaced my first reader. Thanks for weighing in.

I use the Libre Reader only, as my phone is too old to install the app. I like the reader, but I think I’d also like to have the LibreLink app, if only because then I’d never have to worry about uploading data (my pump data is already on my phone). But I’m not sure I’d buy a new phone just to be able to use the app, and part of what appeals to me with the phone is that I often have it with me anyway.

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You can get a samsung galaxy S3 GT-I9300 off ebay for less then 60 bucks which will work

Example - screen burn on this one - if you are patient you can find a mint one for the same price

Just curious, what pump do you use and what app do you use to upload data to your phone?

My wife is the T1 and has an older medtronic and uses the Libre

You can upload the libre reader and get detailed reports from abbott

LibreView is a secure, cloud-based diabetes management system that gives healthcare professionals and patients clear, easy-to-understand reports from many popular glucose monitoring devices.

Not sure what you mean by upload data to the phone

Oh yeah, I think I signed up for that last time I was using these sensors. Thank you for jogging my sluggish memory! :blush:

I used to have a Galaxy S3 five years ago and was not a fan. I’m not a fan of Android overall because I like Apple’s accessibility features and braille support much better. I’m also not a fan of any of the new(er) phones that are too big to easily fit in a pocket. I’ll upgrade my iPhone at some point when my iPhone SE dies. But the Libre reader is small and lightweight and not a big deal to carry around and/or pull out of my bag when I want to scan.

I use the Ypsopump (not available in the USA). It connects to the Ypsomed App via Bluetooth, and the Ypsomed App is able to upload data to Yspomed Cloud or (in near future) Diasend.

If you need the accessibility then you have little choice - I will go with a lot cheaper and an OS that does not intentionally slow your phone down forcing you to upgrade

Let me clarify by the manufacturer directions you must scan the sensor with the reader to initially activate or start” a new sensor for the 14 day freestyle libre has to be done before the phone…

I know I get some emotions :slightly_smiling_face: tied up in my response and I have to always watch my sugars, hydration it’s so distracting. :crazy_face:

I personally use the iPhone because I have it with me anyway. I use the reader also.when u need to go to a doctor it is easier for them to upload Information from the reader. If you can plan it out you might be able to use one at a time but again by manufacturers instructions the reader needs to scan the sensor every so often it may have been 8 hours I don’t remember. I do it more often so I have it as a habit or routine so the data is stored for office visits. I also like to have the fingerstick documented( I do them when I first start and ending a sensor for accuracy).

Actually, you only have to scan the reader first to be able to use the reader. If you only want to use the iPhone, you can activate a sensor with it.