Freestyle Test Strips vs Freestyle Lite with PDM = Success!

So I have a small freestyle lite meter I got from working at Camp Sealth during diabetes integrated week. And I got my Rx for my test strips and realized the Lite weren't for the OmniPod, only the regular. So I wanted to be able to use the regular meter or my PDM. I decided to do a little test.

(PS I want to throw in that I switch sometimes back to my Animas Ping because I only like the pod on my arms and I have to give my arms a break. BUT I will ALWAYS love my OmniPod more. My numbers are always better--AND I know this makes me sound crazy but I don't go as high even AFTER I have the pump off. It expired last night for me at 4pm. I was at work and didn't have an extra minute to step aside and put one on (would have to take my scrub tops off) and then forgot about it when I fell asleep. I didn't eat anything carb-y anyway so I wasn't too worried about it. Woke up this morning and checked before I put a new one on. I was 163! Nice! That happens a LOT I notice with my pods. However, when I'm on the ping, NOPE! None of that. Try 300's.

Anyway, here's what I did.

Same strip bottle. Freestyle lite test strips for both. PDM. Freestyle lite meter. Same finger, alcohol used and dried first, and same droplet of blood (MAN don't you guys love how little blood you need?!).

Results. Round 1 last night, round 2/3 today. Never more than 10 md/dL apart! NICE! I think its safe to say Lite strips can be used in the PDM.

Round 1)
Lite Meter: 126
PDM: 126

Round 2)
Lite Meter: 173
PDM: 167

Round 3)
Lite Meter: 179
PDM: 170

I'm definitely going to have to tell my supplies company to send lights intead. I would much rather not have to deal with coding and much less blood!! :)

it still asks for the code number but you don't have to worry about it. Just let it pass its ALWAYS 16 :-) Yes, SO little blood its crazy!

When I was at an un-named conference a year and a half ago, the Omnipod and Abbott reps anonymously told me that they were the same strip. They are put into different boxes for the sole purpose of having more shelf space in the stores. Some people claim to have different results but that's what I was told so ever since then I don't worry too much which type of strip I use. They are all coded 16 now anyway, and take the same amount of blood. It's only the really old "regular" strips (which are very hard to find anymore) that take more blood.

Hmm good to know, but dang-it! I was all excited about my experiment. Had to stop myself from testing every finger! LOL

I still have some of those "really old" strips. I'm trying to get rid of them lol.

My testing with a FreeStyle meter (actually 2 of them) and my PDM also gave close results. I was able to get closer by setting the PDM to 17, instead of the 16 stated on the bottle. YMMV of course.

Hmmm I will have to test that theory out! Thanks Scott!

My supply company just sent the lites… I just used them… Lol didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to be lol