Freestyle test strips

Are there any Abbott glucose meters that still take Freestyle test strips? I can only find ones that take Freestyle lite.



The Freestyle test strips work in the Freestyle Lite meter.

Freestyle test strips work in this meter:

And by the way, that is a very good meter. It is compact, it has a light for putting the blood sample on, easy memory recall, accurate. Good all around meter!

Try it out, you will like it.

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I use a FreeStyle Freedom meter (as a backup for my OmniPod PDM) which I obtained from Abbot. The phone number on the back of the meter is 1-888-522-5226.

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Even though it says use only with Freestyle Lite test strips? We have lots of Freestyle test strips I’d like to use up.

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It works!

It is actually approved in Canada!

Getting FDA approval in the U.S. is such a ridiculous exercise, that it is easier for companies to not worry about getting things approved.

Like how insulin does not actually expire 28 days after you open a vial. It’s just easier for a company to test and only say it works for 28 days, rather than to go through the demo of how it will continue to work for years.

I’ve personally done over 50,000 BG tests with those Freestyle strips that are “not approved”. They work great!

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Perfect - we’ll give it a try. Thank you!

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I use the Feestyle Lite meter and yes, I agree with Eric it works for both test strips.