Freestyle test strips

I am one of 6 siblings and both myself and one sister have Type 1 diabetes. I was diagnosed at 19, my sister in her 40s. Our older brother, who is now 58, was feeling bad and went to the doctor. His blood sugar was 569. THe doctor said he should be in the hospital but she also told him she can’t give him insulin unless he gets “some test”. Not sure what one she meant. My brother has no insurance and only recently started working again. My sister uses and OmniPod and told our brother to get a Freestyle meter and she will send him some strips. Does anyone know what regular (non-Omnipod PDM) meter uses those same strips?

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My box says use with Freestyle Freedom and Omnipod meters. It’s a box of 100.

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There are many Freestyle meters that will work with those strips.

This one works, and is my favorite because it has a very good light and is the smallest of their meters. It is only about $25 on Amazon.

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Thanks. My sister found an extra non-PDM meter that is just a regular Freestyle Freedom and she’s going to send that and some strips to our brother. I found some stuff online that said the Lite strips can be used with the PDM but I didn’t see if the older (non’Lite branded) strips can be used with the current Freestyle Lite meters.

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Yes, they work perfectly. That is what I use!

My script is for the strips that go with the PDM meter, but I also use the Freestyle Lite meter with those same strips.

Abbott has not done good job with their naming and helping people navigate their meter and strip compatibility.

They have meters named Freestyle Freedom, Freestyle Freedom Lite, Freestyle Lite. Not very clear what is what.

The Freedom Lite is larger than the Lite. Seems like that is less freedom. :man_shrugging:

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I use a Freestyle Flash meter, which used to come in the Omnipod starter kit. I don’t know if they’re even made anymore.

Were’nt some of their strips individually wrapped? Which seemed silly to me…

I think it is only the ketone strips that are individually wrapped. I’ve never known blood glucose strips to be individually wrapped, but I could surely be wrong with that. I use the OmniPod PDM Freestyle strips; they’ve never been wrapped.

There used to be some meters, or maybe just one company, that had each strip individually wrapped. That would definitely make it easy if you want to put your meter in your pocket if you’re going out for awhile. Just toss in a strip or two instead of taking the whole kit, although meters now are much more compact so it’s not really a problem.

Thank you! My sister overnighted the meter and strips to our brother today. She also put in some insulin pens which scares me. I doubt he will try to take any on his own but you never know. He said his doctor called him back today and his second test was also in the high 500s.

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The strips that are to be used with the Freestyle Libre meter are individually wrapped. I would guess that their reasoning is that you are mostly scanning the sensor so you only need to test BG for spot checks and therefore you “shouldn’t” need to test often enough to use up a whole bottle of strips before an opened bottle is supposed to be thrown out. Ha, ha.

Individually wrapped strips are a good idea - there is a trick to opening them without touching and I had a hard time of it. Actually Houdini would have had a hard time of it. But once figured out you can inset the strip in the reader with touching it. Even the abbott vid on how to do it is misleading