Friday night lows

meter says 58. a nice laid back low, feeling good, feeling like overtreating. the honeybear in the cabinet wants a big upside down hug if you know what i mean. ate the carls jr. prime rib burger and took too much insulin, but the burger was damn good. treating with a juice box and a box of raisins. i was doing some boogie moves at the pad listening to some old 80s music when i started to feel it. the low, not the music. i was feeling the music too though, hence the radical boogie moves. i’d post what i was listening to, but i’m too embarassed. it was cheesy to say the least. cheesier than the burger from carls jr. damn good burger. prolly got low from the basketball i played in the afternoon too. my jumper was off and i had too many turnovers.

ahhh…sugar kickin in. sweeet.

ah Dino, I’m with ya. Just had a 62 and instead chose the co-co pebbles. (doesn’t help when I have young kids). I know that is terrible but it was nice. Anyway, enjoyed your blog and I’m with ya on the '80s music… its a must!

must be fast food night…I am on vacation this week…my treat was AW…with rootbeer float–OMG–but I did not take enough or did the dual wave a bit wacky (new at it since got CGMS about 1 month ago)…but staying up a bit late as may have over treated the high… but the bacon cheeseburger was delicious…we followed it with a family play of Rock Band on our Xbox…great night despite the high and maybe pending low… :-)!!!

you are pretty funny.