First Blog

Alright, well this is my first blog and I feel a little weird about it because I never would have considered myself much of a blogger… maybe it’s because I am bored, procrastinating, or because something semi-interesting just happened (and I cant tell my family because they will just freak out)… i dont know but I just feel like it so here it goes…

Last night I went to sleep at around 11 pm and woke up around midnight in a pool of my sweat. I did not feel too shaky while lying in bed so I tried to go back to sleep. After a few minutes, I figured maybe I should check my blood sugar just to be on the safe side. Once I stood up I felt like I had seriously been drugged, I could not see, I could barely stand up, and I finally made my way to my tester. I tested my sugar and it was at 49… I have had worse lows before but not many and they were all while I was awake. So I ran to the fridge and scavenged for some milk and just kept chugging glasses and then found a bag of candy and just started shoving them in my mouth. I knew doing ALL of this would probably make me high but I just was soo freaked out and wanted to feel better ASAP! I eventually went back to sleep and felt better and was only a little high when I woke up.

I just think it is so interesting/funny. Only a person with diabetes will wake up in the middle of the night feeling that crummy and will cure it by downing an intense amount of sugar as quickly as possible. I don’t know why I got so low at night, I could attribute it to quite a few possible factors, but I am just so thankful I woke up and was able to fix it so quickly. :slight_smile:

– On an unrelated note: I just watched the movie Tangled and it was AWESOME!!

for a while i was getting this funky night time lows. I am on metformin only but I was also hitting 50’s in the middle of the night. Not fun waking up confused and sweaty.

I’m so glad your still alive:) that is a bit freaky. I had one once, can’t really say when, but I was shoving a apple with peanut butter in my mouth, and my BF said, I never saw you eat a apple like that, DUH, MY BS IS 42…and it crashed again, and I had to eat grape jelly with 39 gm of sugar in a TSP, gosh that stuff is putrid…We only know what its like, scary and the feeling of death coming on is freaky as *************. I don’t like it, I want to get passed it FAST! so I guess I was eating like a animal, how entertaining I was, I suppose…:slight_smile:

I’m just jealous you guys feel it at 49! I keep a bottle of glucose tabs next to the bed just so I don’t have to stumble into the kitchen and find something.