Funny Diabetes Stories

Any lighthearted mishaps to share?

  1. A few years ago, we invited some friends over to our house for a few drinks. They have 2 kids, and they put them to sleep in my son’s bed while I was in the bathroom. My son was asleep in my bed.

It was time to check his sugar, so I went into his bedroom (in the dark), pricked his finger, while noting a slight jump that he did when the lancet poked him (odd… that hasn’t happened in years).

I went back to the living room and proudly exclaimed that my son’s sugar was 102. It was our friend’s son that I checked. :flushed: Good thing we’ve known each other for many years, and we all had a good laugh!

  1. My little Chihuhua who isn’t so little anymore was acting very strange after my son’s birthday party was over. Our same friends from the first story had stayed later than everyone else, and my friend got the bright idea to check my dog’s sugar to rule out hypoglycemia, because Chihuahuas can go low when they are small. We pricked her ear with a lancet and tested her BG!

There’s a discussion thread somewhere about the funny things people do when low. Perhaps @MarieB remembers where it is; she has an encyclopedic memory for stuff like that.

Hilarious!! My husband and I got a good laugh from this story! Always fun to share the light side of diabetes… I unfortunately don’t have any of my own funny stories with my two T1D kids, but very much enjoyed yours. Thanks for sharing!

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well there’s this old one

and I’m sure @Rphil2 has a few. I will look some more. I seem to remember one story about a guy getting into a fistfight with someone in a grocery store when he was low.


I seem to remember one about someone spreading jam on a sponge and trying to eat it, thinking it was bread.


and @dino thinking when he was low he wanted to give the honeybear in the kitchen cabinet an upside down bearhug…


Three of mine from both TUDiabetes and later blogs. These are all on my website ( links below:

Blood Sugar and Butter Pecan Ice Cream.

Five things only a person with diabetes knows

School Daze

I have another one I can not find about waking up naked in the middle of the room with six fireman and my wife. I asked them if there was a party and I missed it or was it?

It is a start.


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Step back twenty something years ago, I was a freshly diagnosed T2 taking Glynase which is a sulfonylurea. What was unknown to me was that this type drug could actually cause low BG.

I had settled into my couch to watch a newly released “Incredible Hulk” movie. I remember getting progressively more confused as the movie played on. I can still remember my teenaged son’s howling laugh when I asked him. "Who’s this big blue guy and why is he so pissed off. Of course the Hulk is green not blue and that made my question even funnier to my son.

Today I recognize an oncoming low but that experience was a first for me and my son.


When my children were younger, they liked to help mommy when I was low enough that I didn’t want to eat. They had an insulin reaction, that’s what I call my lows, helper. First, they made toast. Next came the butter. Next came honey, then came a slice of American cheese, next came some chocolate chips, and mnm’s. My son wanted to add some jam to this mess but my daughter talked him out of it. To both of their amazements, I loved this mess. So whenever I was low enough that I wasn’t hungry they would make something similar. We still talk about the messy unappetizing messy sandwich they made.


Gary, my first serious low was the result of mis-timing a dose of glyburide (generic name for glynase). Been there done that. Yup.

While hypo, I thought I filled a bowl with “cereal”, poured milk on top of them, and tried to eat. I thought to myself “this cereal tastes really really bad”. Only the next morning did I figure out that I had put unshelled peanuts into the bowl instead of cereal, because the bowl was still filled with soggy peanuts and peanut shells.


These are all so funny! :joy:

Back in the old days, treating one of those nasty NPH lows I decided why not enjoy it and have a piece of toast with cinnamon. Went to the herbs & spices drawer, got out the stuff and shook a bunch on over a light dusting of sugar. Yumm! Oh wait, huh???

It’s amazing how much a jar of paprika looks like a jar of cinnamon when you’re in hypo land.


Nice and crunchy though!