Fried Okra

... is pretty much one of my favorite foods to eat. I know that most non-southern people have absolutely no clue what fried okra is. I also know that if you finally convince them to try it, many of them are... not amused? to say the least!

I have hardly cooked at all before now (other than a couple of soups, because it's hard to screw up soup?).. but am trying to find somewhat healthier and lower carb alternatives to my old favorites. For some reason, I've developed an obsession with Indian food? I have no idea why.

But anyway.. I met with success last week when I made "Spicy Broiled Whole Okra" from the cookbook "1,000 Indian Recipes". It was extremely tasty! Best of all, the pound and a half of okra that the recipe calls for totals 50g of carbs. I know that's way less than an equivalent batch of fried okra... and my tastebuds are satisfied!

The hardest thing was not eating the whole batch at once... :)

I'm not also particularly fond of okra (probably because of its texture)... but it is abundant here in Asia and a very healthy veggie indeed. My Mom even grows them out in her backyard garden. We usually enjoy them boiled, grilled and believe it or not, stir fried with other veggies. Some locals here also saute them with shrimps, squash, eggplants and string beans flavored with a bit of fish sauce.

I love fried okra too, and I'm from NYC. I bet Gerri could figure out a way to make it LC - almond/coconut flour maybe?

Love fried okra! But, what I really miss is GUMBO! Haven't found a good sub for flour to make the rue. Pork rinds make a good sub for breading though. Do a little egg wash and dredge the okra in the rind crumbs. Okay, it's not even lunch time and I'm ragin for Cajun!

Oooo that sounds good Randy, now I have a hankerin' for fried okra!

Hmm, I love gumbo too... I had an okra gumbo while in Louisiana, and it was excellent.. really not a lot of carbs at all. I'll think about trying the pork rind idea.. though I've been wild about pork rinds by themselves!

How about some blackened catfish? Anyone have a low carb Hush Puppy recipe?

I meant to say I've never been wild about pork rinds, lol! Maybe you could make pork rinds + almond flour hushpuppies... sounds kinda gross, but hey.