From Animas Ping to Tandem T:slim X2

Good day all, I am inquiring to see if anyone has experience the same issues I have upon switching from Animas Ping pump to the new Tandem X2. Ever since I have switched, my sugar levels have been much higher and I have to pump more insulin.

I am going thru more insulin than before and I don’t know what is going. I may have to switch back to my Animas Ping but I was wondering if anyone may have a similar situation now or in the past? Thank you.

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Not sure who I posted to here but Some of us have had this problem with the Tandem. In my case, they refunded me a little over thirty days out. The common thread among some of us was high BG at or close to three days. Went through numerous sets trying to figure it out. In many instances it appears to be the bladder cartridge system and maybe low basals. I did go back to my Ping.

I am having the same problem. It’s now been 3 weeks on the T-Slim & my TDD and BGs are way up. It must be the bladder system, because the infusion sets are the same (just renamed) & the Insulin is still Humalog.

In addition I am geting frequent Occlusion alarms, even though everything looks good. Usually I just check the tubing & set & restart & everything seems fine. Happens during a bolus & several hours later.

As my Ping is way out of warranty & Animas says no more supplies after September, there is no going back. I really don’t want to have to get a Medtronic pump!

So has any got over these problems??

Hey Annabella and Laura, thank you for the quick response and info as I thought it was just me. I am really upset as I just spoke to a Tandem rep. and they have no answers.

I am 2 months with this device and they only give you 30 days which is way too short of time for someone to know for sure if it is the device or maybe the user.

I may have to appeal to my insurance carrier to see what can be done but I have to go back to using my Animas Ping device which is out of warranty which is not what I want to do.

It’s September 2019. So you have time to stash whatever you may want to. And hopefully the Ping keeps a going!!

They refunded me, and some other people I know. But I had everything so documented because I’ll bet it was the very first week I called in with issues. My husband kept saying the pump was not working at all for me. I didn’t listen, but I did call every time I had a problem. They sent me to a regional manager who wouldn’t listen, but in the end the rep went to bat for me as did another guy in customer service. He had told me it is possible to get your money back…kind of let it slip. But again, he had a phone call record to back it all up. All I can suggest is maybe a two day change?