Obstructions: Animas vs. Tandem X2

After being on an Animas Ping pump for 5 years, I recently switched to a Tandem X2. With the switch I suddenly began to have many ( as many as 2 per day) obstruction alarms. During the 5 years with Animas maybe I had a total of 2 such alarms. Any insights on why the difference? How can I minimize these obstructions? Does the X2 have a smaller motor and unable to push the insulin through min tubing constrictions or minor obstructions at the cannula?
Any help would be appreciated.

If you do a search on this site you will find several threads regarding Tandem occlusion alarms. I think we have each come up with different solutions, which tells you no one really knows how to fix it. For me, two things helped. One I changed to contact detach insertion sets which work the best for me. I get fewer occlusions with it, though I don’t know why. The other is a tip I read on TU–to keep the pigtail (the tubing between the pump and the luer lock) straight and not bent over in your pocket. It has helped. I do keep it in my pocket without a case. Others have different solutions and I"m sure will post them. BL: it seems to be trial and error until you find what helps you.

Thanks for the reply. I also found the Contact-Detach to work better for me. However I have chosen to get mine from Animas because they, as opposed to Tandem, sell the 43" 8mm variety. I think keeping the pig-tail straight either in your pocket or out of the Tandem holder to be rather hard. I have also found Tandem support to be of zero help about this whole problem.