From what I hear from a source in the family there is a new kind of "something" in the works

I just talked to a cousin last night who lives and works in california.she works at a lab for diseases.of course she couldnt talk much about her work becouse of confidentiality.but she says there is something going to be "out there " in about 5 years .she says it is a micro chip that would communicate with a device and it would give you the right amount of insulin that you would need .I guess like a new kind of pump.I only got to talk to her for 15 min.but I think thats all she could tell me daughter was just diagnosed oct,5 2007 and I was just talking to her about getting my daughter on a pump.shes only 4 so I was just talking to the cousin about the differant pumps out there.she agreed with me about getting my 4 yr old on the pod becouse of her little sisiter.but thats a whole differant story.if anybody knows what the heck my cousin was talking about please respond.about the "new something"lol .I couldnt talk to her more about it becouse other family members wanted some more quality time with her ,and she goes back to california today.

Adam wold maybe know something, he lives in CA also. I’ll check with him

Could it be this: