Fruit and blood sugar

I have a dumb question. Have any of you had problems when you eat a raw apple causing your blood sugar to shoot way up? For that matter do other common fruits do that to you?

I ate a large Fugi Apple yesterday and my blood sugar upon waking was 148 this morning. Yesterday, it was at 88.

Yes, fruit (except berries) raises blood sugar.

I can eat grapes (green) but no cherries.

I live in Florida and like many folks here, we have citris fruit (me-orange) tree growing in my back yard. I was so recently diagnosed that I have not had the chance to really try an orange as orange season ended before I was diagnosed. Are oranges bad?

Certain fruit raise my blood sugar faster than others. I am usually fine with berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries etc). but bananas, apples oranges and pineapples hit me hard. I avoid those. Mangoes I can do but in small quantities.

I can’t eat an apple without shooting above 230. I can eat a strawberry and have no trouble. But if I eat 3, blood sugar’s already above 140. And insulin injection never covers anything that shoots me that high.
7-8 grams of slow carb is my limit - and that excludes fruit! Insulin covers that 7-8 grams of slow carb just fine. I am probably one end of a spectrum of diabetics.
Best wishes as you figure out what and how much fruit you can eat and not go above 140.