Frustrated- pump falling out during sleep

Anyone have this happen?
My pump’s tubing must have gotten caught or pulled out while sleeping, and now my level is really high. I can’t seem to get started now- I have to get ready for work and I feel disgusting right now. I am sure you all know the feeling- weighed down, fatigued, cranky.
I try to take diabetes in stride, but sometimes it just gets to me really bad. It’s such an enormous part of my everyday life, and I try to be so diligent with my diet and testing often…but whenever I get highs, I feel guilty (even when it’s out of my control). My parents don’t seem to understand half the time, and even though their intentions are there, they somehow always say the wrong things to make me feel better.
I guess this is a vent as well as a question on how to keep this from happening?
It has happened one too many times for me now.

By the way, I wear my pump in a pack that sits on a ‘belt’ that I clip around my waist.
Thanks for listening.

Hey thats why we’re here! Vent all you like! Yes I’ve had diabetes for 35 years and still have to vent ! Yes I know exactly how you feel! Been there done that one too many times! Are you tossing and turning alot in your sleep or have a short cannabul ? The short ones have really gotten to me in the last 3 months! I have a granddaughter who’s 14 months old that sleeps with me sometimes and between me my husband and her tossing all night it’s been pulled out more than once in 2 days so I’ve had to buy new supplies way before my insurance would cover them! My oldest is also a Type 1 too! She’s 19 now with 1 14 month old girl and another due in April, girl that is!!! Hang in there you will do fine but sometimes you like me may wish that god would go ahead and take you are atleast take the diabetes away and give you something ANYTHING but diabetes! That sounds bad I know but that’s how I get sometimes but keep your head up and SMILE and remember that YOU WILL SURVIVE!!!

I’m not a the pump yet but I know the feeling of people who try to help but have no idea what they’re talking about.My mother inlaw is a good example.Maybe if she had the condition she could offer her suggestions.I have also heard of a garter belt being handy.

I had my first pump “pullout” the other night. The tape (I use the MM Quicksets) had rolled up on part of the insertion set and had stuck to my bedsheets. When I rolled over, it ripped right out. Luckily a bored cat had awoken me right before so I felt it happen. Other than that, I haven’t had any issues. I clip my pump to the front of my pj’s since I don’t sleep on my stomach.

I’ve not had that happen to me (knock on wood!) yet. But have you tried to shorten your tubing by sticking it in your pajama pants or maybe by using a band-aid or piece of tape to hold the tubing to your skin? Just a few quick ideas. I hope it doesn’t happen again! :slight_smile: Good luck.

that was happening to my daughter and we bought a pillow at pump wear. She puts it in the pillow and keeps it next to her. The other thing i bought her was the shorts, she puts it in the pocket and she’s good to go.
Don’t give up, there are ways to solve the problem.
We all go through rough spots but hang in there, we are all human! :slight_smile:

I hang mine around my neck. I just have a shoelace (a long one) that slips through the pouch the I hold mine in. I found that that way I don’t catch the line with my knees or feet. That puts it just high enough that it isn’t caught. I know that some people just throw theirs in bed with them. That would seem so awkward to me. I can see it getting pulled out all the time.

Good luck!

I have cat that like to chew my tubing in half every time it’s not under the covers… My BG is high in the morning too…

Hi Jen,

I have a Minimed Pump, so I’m not sure exactly how the Cozmo attaches. I used to pull my pump out, but then I got the longer tubing, and I wear shorts to bed and keep the pump in the pocket of my shorts. Occasionally the pump falls out of my pocket (I do toss and turn a lot) and sometimes it even hits the floor, but the extra tubing length keeps me from pulling it out. Also, and I should make a big post about this somewhere, do you use Tegaderm strips to help keep the infusion site dry and in place? My CDE recommended the Tegaderm (I use the 2 3/8" x 2 3/4" [6 cm x 7 cm] size) and it works great as extra holding so my pump doesn’t pull out. I put 1 strip horizontal and one vertical (2 Tegaderms with every new set). My doctor gave me a script for 30 per month, so I have way more than I have infusion sets.

I hope some of this helps.


I’ve worried about my 2 cats doing that, but so far they seem completely uninterested in the pump and the tubing.