What kind of frustrations do you deal with when it comes to your pump?

tonight was the mother of all frustrations…

  1. the site went bad, bg in the 300s
  2. changed the site
  3. checked 2 hours after, bg now higher than 500
  4. grumble grumble stupid pump I hate you grumble grumble
  5. new site change on other side of stomach
  6. chugging diet root beer
  7. staying up late past bedtime to “wait it out”

Sometimes I just want to tell diabetes off :frowning:

so share your frustrations here!

Sarah: You should probably talk to your DR or Diabetic Nurse Educator about that situation. Just to be safe.

Frustrations? Are you kidding? For over 20 years. Up - down; Up - down, ad nauseum.

Rip out the Quickset THREE times in one day!

Pharmacy sent wrong strength of Humulin and I didn’t notice til I needed it. I use Humulin RU-500. It is 5 times as strong as most insulins.

The pharmacy couldn’t fill it that afternoon because THEY LET THEIR SUPPLY RUN OUT! (Must be a more uncommon insulin than usual.)

Sugars rose to over 500 the next afternoon. Still no insulin. They were checking with other Serv-U’s and I check with Walgreens.

Ended up in the ER because of it.

Finally got insulin TWO days later. Frustrated?

BUT I will keep at it. The pump has freed me up immensely. And I love the Bolus Wizard. No more fancy calculations on my part!

Hope you have better days. Just go to bed and pull the covers over your head when the world is beating you up. Just kidding. Take a deep, slow breath and stick your fannie out at the target of your frustration. (Works better when that target is human!)

Anyway, hope you smiled a little. Lois La Rose

oh those site rip outs… lol.

one day at work i went through I think 5 sites because i was running around and the tubing got caught on different door handles! ouch!

Sarah: OUCH!! I thought I was the only one that was a bit of a klutz. Man, that DOES hurt. Worse yet, they don’t allow extras in your allotments for the month (or 3 months). I can’t afford my DME as it is.

Was given the run-around when I got my pump and they told me that where I got it and the supplies were the onlyl places I could use. NOT SO. I was turned down by a local DME provider because Medicare only pays about $50 toward the supplies. When I found another in-Network supplier, they wanted payment up front for each shipment. BUT, by using the in-Network supplier, I could get some if not all my money back from my secondary insurance. It’s just being able to afford that first couple of months at $300-400 per month. Ouch, again.

Lois La Rose