Disconnecting pump during sleep

Has anyone every disconnected their pump during their sleep? I work nights and I woke up this evening around 7pm with my pump disconnected. At some point in my sleep probably close to after I fell asleep I disconnected my pump. Now my blood sugar has been reading Hi all night so I am trying to get it lower. I have done this twice now. Luckily the last time I wasn't as high when I woke up. Any suggestions on how to prevent this?



The only thing I can think of is to put some medical tape over the site so you don’t yank on it or disconnect it. I’ve never disconnected my pump but I always yank on it or it falls off the bed, or something like that. Good luck!

Disconnects by the set pulling completely out? Or the snap-on part of the tubing to infusion set? I have never had this happen, but I wear my pump on my pajama pants waistband, pretty much right below my navel. I also have noticed that sometimes when I reattach the tubing, it doesnt snap in solidly. I just flip it over and it snaps in perfectly. I dont think the tubing has a “this side facing out” type of design, but maybe some sets do due to manufacturing errors.

It disconnected from the snap on part of the tubing. I use an inset the straight in version. It really scared me to know that being disconnected for just that long can send my blood sugars so high. I am definately going to try to start at least testing once while I am sleeping so that I can try to catch if if this happens again. I’m not sure how long that will last though. Thanks for all the recommendations!

yea, its freaky how a night without a basal dose wrecks havoc. I usually just listen/feel for a solid snap when I reconnect. If I get a pathetic “click” when re-connecting, I flip it over and do it again. I have developed some borderline obsessive habits in the past 6 months of pumping, but it allows me to rest assured that I didnt overlook a step of absentmindedly forget something