I'm on my third pod in 5 days - I'm getting really frustrated. Changed out two because of blood (and now big bruises) and one because I tore it off walking into a cabinet...ugh! The bloody ones were in places that I've put my Ping infusion sets in many times with no issues. The bruise I now have on my lower back is hard and swollen. I don't want to go back to a tubed pump, but I'm getting really tired of this pod right now. I'm half tempted to go back to MDIs....I am so sick of this disease!

Don't let it get to you. I almost did at one point of time too. Just think about how each treatment is going to have something that will frustrate you, and just pick the one that you feel will make you the most comfortable in the long run. Or you could even switch them up from time to time if that option is available. I get really aggravated with the pods every now and then, but on the days where there isn't a problem (which is most days) I really enjoy the freedom of not being connected to tube. And as far as the disease, I think of it like I think about everything else in my life (job, kids, wife, etc); there is no getting rid of any of them, they are here to stay. So I deal with the ups and downs and focus more on the ups. I hardly ever think of myself as a diabetic (and I'm type 1) but when I do, I still thank God that i'm alive and healthy. And I thank him for giving me another thing to make me stronger from. So I hope things get better for you.

Frustrating!!! I have occasionally had the bruising but not that bad, so sorry! I tried wearing it on my arm once.....once. It was pulled off within an hour - never again. I tend to wear them someplace really safe like my stomach, back hip. Have you tried contacting Omnipod about the bruising or your Doctor? Is it the insertion of the cannula causing this?

No, I haven't contacted Omnipod or my doc - my doc is just a GP and knows nothing about the pods. He just writes my prescriptions. Didn't think to call Omnipod. I had blood work done in December and everything was normal. I remember back when I first started pumping, I had tried the Silhouette infusion sets - I bruised and bled (some real gushers) with them also. Must be an angled insertion thing, is all I can figure out. I've got my pod on my upper butt now - so far so good...

I wish I had your attitude...ha! Some day...

Hang in there! Pod failures can be very frustrating...but when it starts working again, it is a joyful thing compared to tubed pumps and MDI. Try a more safer place where you have the least chance of knocking it off. Also the depth of cannula insertion can make a difference...depending on how how much you pinch up the pod during insertion. I am slim having less fat & more muscle and I was advised by Omnipod rep to not pinch up too much during insertion. I've been following their advise for the past month and it works better than before.

I'm thin too and was told to pinch up. What if you didn't touch it at all, would it go in ok or "kick back" like a gunshot?

If you put the pod in a place with enough fat tissue you do not need to pinch. You just need to pinch if you put the pod in a lean area to avoid inserting the cannula in the fascia or muscle layer because the insulin will be absorbed too fast and you will probably have some bleeding. Wish you LUCK for the next pods. Gustavo

Endswme...I admire and agree with your POV altogether! Anyone who looks at this insipid concition and thinks..."well, how can I make this a POSITIVE? HERE HERE!! That is the approach I myself am trying to take...from one who has endured this for 30 years, 2 strokes, 5 eye surgeries (over 30 laser, etc.) and I still try to "look at the bright side." Thankfully, I have a wonderful, understanding wife!

And, I have an army of great doctors!

that is mostly what it takes...a great supporting team to encourage you instead of pity you.

I have had a little blood in a pod…it still works tho…

i was going to write the same thing. i have no idea what others do, but most of the time i leave the pod on/in unless... #1 my numbers are unusually high and i suspect a previously undetected occlusion #2 the pod hurts. i also rarely discover blood in the canula until i rip the pod off. let's just say i don't spend any time checking to make sure the canula is properly inserted because i've never had an issue with it being improperly inserted.

I little bit, I leave alone. The last two had the blood seeping out under the adhesive and a bruise forming and spreading out beyond the pod. The last one was only a couple hours old - tried to suck the insulin back out of it after removing it - insulin was tinged with blood - such a waste.

Sorry you are having such a hard time.

Like I allude to in my book, Michael J Fox says "Pity is a form of abuse!" HEAR HEAR!

I had a whole box cause problems. Not on the injection sites but other rubbish. I have suggested to Ypsomed here in Europe that they should replace the lot ! That obviously didn’t work. But I strongly agree that if it’s not working, change the batch ! I had a bad month and just gave up with the existing. However , the Omnipod is fantastic and it works a vast percentage than it fails.

Sorry I forgot to add. Don’t be hacked off with the disease. It’s not worth the stress. It’s there and always will be - but dealt with it can just go back into the day to day of life.

Problem is me, or my body, however you look at it. The pods weren't failing, I was just hitting blood vessels or something, who knows. The one I have in now has been perfect (knock on wood!). No bruising or blood that I can see. Can't even feel it, actually. Now, that's how I would like every one of them to work!