Welt where the pod was

I changed my pod a little while ago cuz I was getting bad absorption. Anyways, I have this big like welt on my arm. No bruise, but it’s red. Kind of reminded me of a spider bite. It’s gone down, but it’s still there. Anyone know what this is? It was like the size of a quarter, now it’s more like a nickel. Insulet said I probably hit a vein, but theres no bruising. Anyone else experience this?

I get that sometimes. It helps to rub it down but it does go away. I wouldn’t worry about it.

That’s happened to me before on my minimed pump; there was never any permanent scarring or anything, but they sure do look weird! I think it normally happened to me if I had the site in for more than 3 days.

Just put some cortisone cream on it and it will go down and stop itching. Happens all the time to me, it’s usually not a big deal.

That started happening to me about 3 months ago (about 6 months after starting on the OmniPod.) After seeing a dermatologist I was told that I had developed an allergy to the adhesive on the pod. I have tried about 7 different options from blogs, OmniPod page, dermatologist and Endo. Still no change and still not giving up. Hopefully this is not what you are going thru. I love my Omnipod.