Hi! I woke up today with 137 BG. as I was waiting for my BG to drop (before breakfast), I decided to have a light exercise… then check it again, 152! so frustrated! I thought it will go down, I am so hungry now… I have to wait again … so frustrating! What do you think happened?

Welcome to the frustration that diabetes can bring.

Eating on time and properly is a must. Sorry to sound like your mother. Exercising does not always produce immediate results for some diabetics. Not eating could result in spikes too.

Be consistant, record your intake(especially carbs), take BG’s, before and after meals.

It has taken me almost 7 years of ups and downs to get serious about my dibetes… I even had heart bypass surgery in 2003.

It’s not easy, but forums like this one has helped me feel that their is hope and that diabetes is controlable…

Go for it…Richard

thanks for the comment. I am feeling better now, I was able to consult an endocrinologist yesterday! I am so happy, for the first time (after a year of having diabetes), I am able to talk to specialist! she was so nice, though I was so nervous at that time, she made me feel comfortable… she changed my meds from glucovance to metformin, and recommends me to exercise 5 times a week (every after 4pm-onwards- before 7pm), and she gave me a meal plan with 1,500 calories a day to start with.

Great! God is really good, I have 2 interview(s) on monday, please help me pray for it and land that job!

Yes, forum like this help me understand and help me at ease with my D. Great people are all here!

Hi yda,
this was happening for me too…when i was waking up i had 95 for ex,untill i arrive to work was going 180…of course i have T1 and you T2 but i think the reasons are the same…my doctos name it noteatinghighblood levels-not good translation but i think you get the point-i ll explain it…when you don t eat and your body needs energy{you said you exercised} your liver releases the saving of glycose he has made so your blood suger goes up insted of down allthough you exercise at that time…maybe this happened to you…