I had my last doctor’s appointment before my move to Eastern Washington on Tuesday. I left there frustrated. The more I think about it, the more frustrated I become. He really didn’t listen to me. He’s not a diabetic doctor, as when I was diagnosed I didn’t have insurance, and once I got insurance, preexisting conditions, “Blah, blah, blah”…we all know the story.

But my frustration lies within this. When we talked about my numbers I mentioned that I tend to go low, and lately have only been needing to take my breakfast long lasting and my evening long lasting. I still end up with numbers in the 40’s. In general, I wake up in the 80’s take my units of long lasting and eat about 30-40 grams of carbs for breakfast. With that number I don’t take my short acting and rougly 2-4 hours later I’m somewhere between 40-60. When I explained this to him…he seemed to think it was my short acting that was causing the lows. He did mention adjusting the long lasting, which I do on my own, but one or two units…Even when I correct the “Lunch time low” with eating lunch at dinner I’m still around 80…(unless I overcarb it and inactive for the rest of the day).

While frustrated with that he again (he’s mentioned this in every doctor’s appointment) the emergency kit/shot for lows, for other people to administer. Treating my lows have not been a problem. I can usually tell when I’m starting to drop or when I hit about 60-70 by a hungriness, drunkedness feel. It’s just a matter of me thinking, “Oh, I can accomplish one more thing.” I really wasn’t interested in the emergency kit. I carry candy with me as well as glucose tablets. I plan on keeping juice, butterscotch candy, granola bars, and glucose tablets in a desk drawer in my classroom. But the doctor insisted and wrote a prescription for it…>And hopefully my insurance will cover it. It’s almost as if he was “endorsed” by this product as much as he pushed it!

On a better note he did share with me a list of doctor’s in my new area.

AND I found out I’ll have much better coverage through the school district as of October first!

It won’t hurt to have a Glucagon kit with you. I have used mine several times when I have felt myself heading to low. Especially if I am throwing up, I have a tendency to go low then and I can’t keep anything down. One day you might be thankful for it.