Frustration at the Pharmacy

So I moved to this town back in may of 2014 and I don't know if anyone else goes through this if your on a pump but I had the Pharmacy asking me how much Insulin I use and such because my Rx looked odd to them I ALWAYS have my Doctor write Use as directed with insulin pump on the script so I gave them my numbers not thinking well I stopped by after work to pick up my insulin and I only got 2 vials um no!!! so the lady at the cash asks if something is wrong I said well yes you see I always get 3 vials the pharmacist cuts in and says that is the mount you need according to your numbers really!!! so I then ask her if she thought of what would happen if I ran out due to breaking a vial, the insulin having gone bad, or number changes then I see a light bulb go off and she hand the cashier another vial to give to me. well then comes a problem with test strips (rolling my eyes) this time it was the Dr fault the scrip read test 4x a day well my CDE gave her a call and informed her that Type 1's should never have a scrip read that because there is never a true amount of strips they use. every thing has been fixed now but this is one of my biggest pet peeves and don't get me started on the ER but that is a story for another time

My Dr (mistakenly? I don't know) wrote a script for 4/day test strips as well, and when I tried to fill it, the pharmacy wouldn't let me pick it up for another WEEK because my insurance company said they couldn't justify filling it yet - and that I should still have plenty from my previous script (also for 4/day, I guess). HA. This is right after being diagnosed via DKA - YEAH. RIGHT. Like I'd only test 4/day after that experience. Why would we ask for more test strips if we didn't actually need them? What do they think we're doing, arts and crafts projects? Test strip paper mache? Test strip confetti? Blah. I feel you.

I,m with both of you
They treat us like slaves

I defineitly hear you. what gets me is I have to write a paper with my glucose readings for a month, every 3 months I test so much (7+) and it is a pain, because sometimes it is just 4 and sometimes 12+. and I am on a pump, so testing so much is necessary. then the insulin bit is the same. I have had a thing happen (multiple times) where the pump wasn't quite in place, (didn't click) and blood sugar whew! So I have to change and lose the insulin I had,

this happens to me too
that's why i say that they treat us like slaves
i get my testing strips from BINSON
they send me a paper to fill out every 6 mo.but i test up to 15 times dayly so i make a copy cause i need 2 pages

Happened to me recently. I asked my endo for a new script for test strips and got a box of 30! I test up to 10 times a day - even with my new cgm (until I trust it totally!) Who - with diabetes, tests once a day?????