Frustrations & More Appointments

Weather’s pretty crappy here. My blood sugar keeps rising therefore making me sleepy and cranky in general. I’m wrestling with the whole starting insulin thing (thanks to all my peeps out here on the interweb for your advice/experiences) and I’m coordinating my appointments. Let’s see we’ve got the endo, the general internist, the “lady doctor”, the dentist, and my optometrist. Nice, huh? Not to be a Debbie Downer, but man it’s exhaustive. I’m really glad that I handle Human Resources around here otherwise I might get onto myself for having so many appointments. Oh well, someone brighten my day. I know someone out there is having an awesome day…make me jealous!!! I welcome pics. Someone’s gotta be on the beach or having a good time! I’ve included a pic out of my office window to show you how depressing it is.
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Sorry you’re having a down day. Sometimes it does seem like diabetes takes over our lives! I’m planning a trip to the beach next week just to recover (and reward myself) from the two month process of learning about diabetes and finally diagnosing myself as Type 1.5 (and then finding an endo who corroborated that diagnosis!). It is a tremendous learning curve which is exhausting! And I’m 'mostly retired so don’t have the busy schedule you do. Do something nice for yourself…EVERY DAY! Sure, you can’t go to the beach every day (you probably have a boss!) but there are still little things we all enjoy that can be inserted into our days like buying a new color nail polish, taking a bubble bath, cuddling with the cat (or a guy!). I believe it’s really necessary to alleviate stress!

Hey, thanks Zoe! Of course several days have passed since that posting and I’m over it. You know how it goes. That’s a wonderful idea of doing something nice for yourself on a daily basis, but with my lifestyle it’s unrealistic. I’ve got my niece and nephew in town now so that always makes me happy. They sure are a LOT of work, but worth every bit of it! Tomorrow night I take my two oldest nieces (19 and 15) to see MGMT at a club here in Memphis. Went to the internist yesterday. They were the ones that originally diagnosed me as diabetic. I told her I was a 1.5 and she’s never even heard of it. I had to give HER a list of resources to start reading up on it. Nice, huh? Anyways, thanks for the kind words and enjoy your trip. You deserve it!!!

Whoops, I actually lost this forum for awhile…lol. Yes, I have given both my PCP and my endo info on LADA (of course I’m currently living in a Third World Country so you’d expect that, hopefully when I return to California in three weeks my doctor will be more knowledgeable…hopefully.

Glad you’re feeling better, we do have to stamp our feet in frustration every now and then. I actually disagree on the “with my lifestyle, t’s unrealistic to do something nice for myself on a daily basis”. With a busy lifestyle it’s even more important…it could be a small thing…a moment to just stare at the trees and breathe, buying a new color nail polish, whatever!

Well since you included a pic, I thought I'd use one to brighten your day.

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