Full Dose Metformin

Finally now at full dose of the Metformin. 500 in the morning and 1000 in the evening. If I take it AFTER a meal and with a balance of food groups, there are really few side effects. However, if I do not do those things, side effects are immediate, but not horrible. Mostly just GI upset and pain in the stomach. God has answered my prayers about nausea because I do NOT handle that well.

So, I am noticing that "crashes" are not happening as often and overall I feel healthier. I am still not up to the exercise level that my Doc wants, but am getting there. Currently I work out at Curves 3-4 times per week and am usually kayaking, gardening or cleaning the house all weekend, but I need to at least double my activity so I am trying to increase that.

Hang in there with the exercise I'm sure you can reach the level you wish if you just stick with it. When I started my walking program I was only able to do 20 minutes a day, now I'm up to 1 hour everyday with little effort.

The only good thing to be said about metformin side effects is that they usually go away after a while. I'm off metformin now and on insulin but I took 2000 a day for years with no side effects at all after a short time for my system to adjust to it.

One of the nice things about metformin is that it is unlikley to cause low blood sugars.