Full of anxiety and anger when basal rates change drastically

I took the vitamin d supplement I asked about here a few weeks ago. I took it Friday and my blood sugars have plummeted ever since. I did so much research into it and while some google results said it may decrease insulin resistance, docs, pharmacist and other diabetics said it didn’t affect their BGs. So I keep lowering my basal and taking less and less insulin and I still can’t seem to get a hold on whatever the diabetes wants from me right now.
Anyway, whenever I have to make major adjustments to my barely working regime I get so upset and angry! I afraid to show up for things because my BG is dropping, I’m full of anxiety and self-hatred. I want to get to a place where I can accept these changes and examine the results in a less emotional way.


I feel so alone at these times, I just need some reassurance and strength and hope that these times pass and I don’t need to be miserable until I’m in a more stable place. Hook me up with some sunshine, tudiabetics


Dearest cat,

Things will get better. I used to suffer from uncontrollable highs and it was incredibly frustrating. Eventually, it evened out for me and I'm sure it will for you, too. Give yourself a hug and breathe.

Oh, yes, does this happen to me! We've all been there. The important thing to remember is that it gets better.

Someone once told me that "Dawn always follows the darkest part of night". That was probably the most comforting thing anyone has ever told me, even though at the time I didn't appreciate it.

Stay strong!

You know, part of the body's response to low bg's, is an adrenaline release, and this is very much a part of the anxiety and anger for me.

If it makes you feel any better (it helps me!) go watch the Hulk in the Avengers or something. Hulk's blood glucose low! HULK SMASH!!!

thank you for the sunshine and the support!

lol! I watch House or Monk when I'm all upset about my health. Too bad those shows no longer run...

trying to remember that. It really helps to not feel alone with this stuff. Thank you!

It's funny, I don't feel hypos anymore per se, but I can feel when my BG is dropping before it gets to the hypo. This is what I'm experiencing and YES the anxiety is OVERWHELMING. SMASH!!!! UGH. I know at these times to treat sparingly because my brain is telling me to down an entire container of juice. What's frightening is when you actually down the whole container and it barely slows the drop down. Thanks for your response

I was doing great on low pump basals for several weeks--no highs or lows. Happy as a June bug. One day, is just changed and it took two weeks to adjust back to June bug days.

I am sorry, cat, but it is a fact of life. I hate it and also feel very alone sometimes. That is why Tu is so important. The support from those with knowledge makes a huge difference. Thanks all TU folks!

I don't think I ever felt hypos--I only felt the drop and when my body was actually bringing me up. (I've also found this to be the case many times with highs.)

yes! I had a great week or so when I started posting here. Things are a MESS right now and I get so impatient and frustrated, burning thru strips, needing more time after mealtime before i go anywhere to see if im stable. I've been T1 for 20 years now but I just feel like my lack of acceptance is getting worse


the anxiety is OVERWHELMING. SMASH!!!! UGH.

When not "suited up", Mark Ruffalo completely totally "got it" in Avengers.

Of course it was Iron Man 2 where Robert Downey Jr goes around checking his blood numbers all the time using I swear something surprisingly close to a bg meter, so I can identify with him too :-)

I've been window shopping for garbage on ebay. well, and extra test strips!

I haven't seen either movie. I should probably rejoin society and see both

If I hadn't gone to see Avengers with my teenage daughter and her friends, I wouldn't have ever gone to see any of them. Now I'm a total fan.

i think acceptance comes in waves. i came out of an almost year long honeymoon in like october or so, dont really know when. i had accepted everything and then everything went to hell, like whats happening to you right now. my acceptance right now is gone, anger has made a come back.
things will get better. its hard and turns very dark when d gives you a crap time. hope better arrives soon!

i know how you feel, crap i'm just coming out of a low blood sugar of 43, can barely type this..ugh!

i want to eat the entire refrig right now. does anyone get really thirsty and just weak when low..

thank you! Sometimes I read the posts around here and see people with amazing control and think everyone is just nailing it all the time and i'm a screw up! I have to renew that acceptance every day. you're right

hell yes! It takes me the rest of the day to bounce back from a low.