Fun with CDE's from places you don't like!

Background info for those in the US. Over in the UK, we don't have insurance as you know, and we have the NHS, so all the meds and stuff are "free" off the gov. While this is usually good, it does mean sometimes we don't get choice or everything we want (such as Dexcom refusing to deal with the NHS). Or sometimes things are rationed to you having a good reason to get something such as a CGM.

So, my DSN (CDE in US money) is away in Italy at the moment, and her colleague is away all week at a training course so am totally stuck with someone to get a sensor for a CGM fitted. I say fitted as we patients over here aren't allowed to fit them ourselves in case we destroy one due to the expense, so they only fit them by a trained DSN. And so I have to got to an alternative clinic which I've never been before, but is closer to home (will explain that bit later).

So in I go, hand over the sensor which my DSN gave me (since it's a different hospital I'm using supplies from my normal one). She's a bit "concerned" as to why I go to my normal clinic, and not either come to her or the head clinic which is even closer to home.

I explained my history with them, about how they discharged me, and even after being scraped up by paramedics three times in one week they said I wasn't "severe" enough to justify being allowed to visit the clinic. And how my GP sent me to my current clinic as he didn't have the expertise to handle a diabetic, and since going there, I have't had a hypo I couldn't handle myself. I also explained how they put me in for a pump, the "local main clinic" stealth acquired me back and decided to cancel the pump, until I found out, hit the roof, got transferred back and got my pump...and from there fitness levels are better, and I'm not capable of doing silly things like this bike ride.

She went on about how it's not like that now, and how they want me back now, and she had discussed with the main clinic about me since they knew me, about how I was going to be there today to get the sensor fitted. Oh really, that's nice of you. Still not buying it, not interested, happy where I am thank you very much!

As you might of guessed. This didn't go down too well. She asked me how many finger tests I was doing, and why I wanted the CGM. Basically I wanted it for direction of BG, not for readings and use the finger tests for that. Which she got all grouchy over as "it's a waste of money giving me one" if I'm still going to do finger tests. And the best bit was according to her, doing finger tests while using a Medtronic pump with wireless BG meter confuses the pump since every test she claims messes with the sensor. I pointed out I only do the couple a day as calibration and tell it not to use the others. But she insisted all of them mess it up and even those not being told to use as calibration are used for calibration. I say if that's occurring of the things should be recalled as they are disobeying and ignoring a command. Anyhow, the rant went on to the point she said "if you we're my patient you wouldn't get one of these"...well I'm bloody glad I'm not your patient aren't I!

So basically, sensor fitted. CGM working (as well as a Medtronic CGM does work) and I've ticked off yet another hospital I'm not welcome at :D