Funny problem...I Fall Asleep in Class?

ok so this is funny..everyday after breakfast/tiffin at 11am I have an 1 hr economics class which i find really boring...and i kind of feel extremely sleepy the kind you feel if ur high. I fall asleep while writing!!!. I mostly start feeling sleepy after half an hr of eating nd this is the first i eat after 9pm dinner which is with a pill. Ive never slept in any class except math which is deliberate(lol) but ive gotten into trouble for this and i cant test to find out bcoz i dont carry a meter to school as diabetes is like a secret(my teacher doesnt know either) and only my 2 closest friends know. we have our bags checked evry now and then and i cant explain a meter in my bag... normally when i get high i do get drowsy a lot and irritated...

You’re possibly going high after breakfast. Going high after a meal makes me sleepy, especially if I’m inactive.

What’s with the diabetes secrecy? It’s important that your school and teacher know about your diabetes in case of emergency. Find a way to tell them and to keep your meter and supplies available.


Personally, I would not keep it a secret. I would test. I know you’ll have to explain to people, and people will say all sorts of stupid things, but just tell them you’ll die if you don’t test (ok, you probably won’t, but they don’t know that). You might be going high or low – you should at least check. I always carried my meter in my backpack, and, as I got more used to it, I’d just pull it out and test during class. I’d sometimes get weird looks, but it’s surprising how little people notice. I once had a really mean teacher yell at me for eating a glucose tablet; I explained, and she apologized (she was really nice to me for the rest of the year – I think she felt guilty). But, basically, I’d say, TEST!

you should carry one of the one touch ultra mini meters…they’re tiny. And I think you can buy the one touch test strips in your country. You should test to see how high you end up…but then, you don’t take insulin so I don’t know what you would do even if you do test your blood glucose level.

Are you really sure you’re type 2? Have you had a second opinion from an endocrinologist?

I don’t have my one touch ultra mini with me anymore - I gave it away to someone else here when I switched to my pump and the meter that came with it. Otherwise I could have sent it to you.

That’s happened to me before as well (falling asleep in class) I think usually it’s a combination of being tired, but also being high…cause for me when I’m high and tired, it’s somehow a lot harder to resist falling alseep. A lot of people tend to run higher in the morning. You might want to try eating something low carb for breakfast (if you don’t already) since it shouldn’t make you as high.
Does your school have a medical unit or something like that? You might be able leave your meter there or they might have one you could use to test…and could possibly offer some privacy

When I was in school, my parents and I wrote up these little sheets with information and gave them to all of my teachers. However, that was always embarrassing, and I don’t know that anyone ever remembered the stuff.

I’d say you have quite a few options. You can either test in class or find somewhere private in between classes (bathroom or corner of a hallway). As I said earlier, people don’t really notice stuff, so I would not worry too much about people noticing. A few people will, but, even if they do notice, they rarely ask questions. If they do ask, you can just give them a brief explanation. (I suppose it depends if it’s a student or a teacher. If it’s a teacher, you should probably explain; you can do whatever you want with the students.) If you do explain, you might get some stupid questions. Just remember that it’s not your fault you’re diabetic. You had nothing to do with it; you’re just really unlucky. So don’t feel guilty about explaining. When the school checks your bag, you can just tell them you’re diabetic, and you need the meter in order to live. (People generally aren’t going to argue with that.) If it’s really necessary, I suppose you might have to provide proof that you’re diabetic, but I kind of doubt that will happen. Just be confident; know that you’re in the right, and you can test when you like. Testing your sugars is a perfectly natural thing, like breathing.

Highs or lows can cause drowsiness. Having struggled with this side affect for more than 50 years, I almost lost two different jobs because of it.

The year after I was diagnosed, my blood sugars were very high in the afternoons and I always fell asleep in my class after lunch. I finally decided that I had to tell the professor because it was so obvious that I was sleeping (and there were only about 15 people in the class). I just told her that I had been recently diagnosed with diabetes and I was still working with my doctor to get my blood sugars normal and that the class was at a time of the day when I was always drowsy. I reassured her that I would do my best to improve the situation as soon as possible.

She was glad that I told her.

You should measure and see. If you are high, then talk to you doctor about different medication or about eating less carbs before class. I get SO drowsy when I am high.

I slept through my math classes all through tech school. An hour and a half of a quiet, warm room, except my snoring and the teacher trying to talk over it. It is easier to explain a meter than a low.

When I was in high school I went low before lunch. I blacked out, still sitting on my stool. The teacher asked me a question and I didn’t respond. Some one sitting near me thought I was sleeping so he stabbed me with a pencil, nothing. So now the calss is laughing and I am out. The class was in the shop so a classmate hits me on the head with a 2x4, nothing. One of my best friends is sitting next to me. He knew then what the problem was and went for some sugar. Luckily he knew that, when low I take orders well and ordered me to drink the juice.

When we get together now 23 years later, that story always comes up.