G4 receiver dead

My G4 receiver won’t turn on or charge. It’s 1.5 years old. Any suggestions? Do they go dead after so long like transmitters?

I don't have a Dexcom but I think they have to be replaced every so often. It's one of the big reasons I'll probably upgrade to a Vibe instead of getting a standalone Dexcom. I'll be paying for all this stuff myself, and replacing the receiver every few years would get way too expensive. :(

The transmitter (little gray piece) is warrantied for 6 months - at that point the battery may start to go.

The receiver (piece you are talking about) is warrantied for 12 months - at that point the rechargeable battery in it may start to lose ability to charge.

After either piece is out of warranty your insurance should pay for another (assuming you got your Dex through insurance - if you paid for it yourself, you'll have to pay for a new one yourself).

If you are in the warranty period Dexcom will replace for you, free of charge.

(I had my first Dexcom G4 receiver only 2.5 months and it began to go from full charge to no charge in just about 6-8 hour time increments; Dexcom replaced it for free because I was well inside the 1 year warranty period.)

Have you tried doing a hard reset yet? Plug it into a charger you know is working. Let is sit for 15-20 minutes. Find the little hole in the back and use a paperclip to press it hard. See if you get it to reset. It will vibrate if it works. Then leave it on charger as it goes through the reset. You will need to remain in range and do a calibration but you might be able to get it back.
If not you will need to replace it. And since it is out of warranty is a good idea to get a replacement even if you can get it to revive.

that would let you use to older one as a backup/overlap so you always have one working when you do sendor reset/change outs.

My receiver screwed up shortly after the 12 month warrantee after a couple hard resets. You would think that a $500+ piece of electronics would last longer than what these receivers and transmitters do. Any other product, I would search out other brands that have better survival rates.
If it is the battery, the receiver's is not difficult to get to with a dremmel cutting tool and the battery is simple to disconnect.