G5 low battery

Iam on my last session with my g5, thank goodness. I am getting pretty wacky numbers. For example, I was 5.1 and took 10carbs, (orange juice). In church my cgm went up from 5.1 to 13.6. There is no way that I could have been that high. I was giving small bolusses in church and then it started going down. When I got home 30 minutes later my meter said 7.9. I had .70 IOB so I had to have some carbs. Has anyone else’s last session been inaccurate?

Oh very much so!:joy:. A couple of my last sessions have acted just like yours. And, I’ve had a couple that just flat line at one reading for hours. Plus, a few that just flat out stop-no weird readings or nothing. Just dead.

When it’s my last session I meter check more. For me the last session is a waste and it messes up my Clarity report because my PA just sees the ping pong action and assumes I’m doing something crazy.:woman_facepalming:t3: I’m guessing it’s a Hail Mary thing the transmitter does before dying.

Wow, sounds familiar. Some readings are on spot, but most of it is inaccurate. I hope when I see my endo this one session will make my clarity report more accurate to my real control. This makes me feel terrible, like I am a bad diabetic. Tomorrow my g6 is coming. I am going to cancel this session with my g5. It has until Thursday. I can start my basal testing, knowing it will be more accurate. Right now I am paying more attention to the arrows than the number. I will be glad when I won’t have to pick so much!

How do u know something you haven’t used will be more accurate?

I know because the g5 wasn’t doing this before!!! Only since my last session has the accuracy been off!

I thought u meant u knew a G6 was going to be more accurate than a G5, in general.

I found that the g5 didn’t catch alot of my spikes. Say it said I was 11.0mmol when I tested with my meter I was actually 14.4mmol. I know it’s not the same as blood but that is too big of a discrepancy IMHO. That has happened several times.

It depends on how fast you rise. No CGM is going to catch very fast rises immediately. Without knowing the precise details of your rise(s) it’s impossible to formulate an opinion regarding the quality of your sensors.