G5: replace transmitter w/out removing sensor?


I’ve always heard that over-calibrating “confuses” the algorithm, so I try to keep it to a minimum. But yesterday pushed the envelope on that severely and I broke the rule a few times before it just got so wacky there didn’t seem to be any point–the calibration would move it closer, but twenty minutes later it had veered off into la la land again.

One of the things that kind of confuses me, too, is that normally when you give it a calibration that’s way off from its own reading, it will come back in a few minutes and ask you for another one to confirm. But it never did that, even though some of them were massively far off, like CGM 59 vs FS 120.


That’s when I either change the sensor, or try an end, then start again. Sometimes depends on location. I get best results from arms, so more likely to let it catch up. On my thighs, more likely to replace if I get wonky readings that don’t correct.


Didn’t occur to me to try restarting the sensor session, though I think I’ve seen it suggested before. That would at least clear out any bad data, if that was causing or exacerbating the problem.


Mine died today, just a few days after it started warning me to order another. I got 91 days out of it, and put the sensor in only yesterday. Spent all day at work getting no information and being yelled at.


Have you tried downloading xDrip (aka Spike for IOS)?


I am confused. What died today? I have never seen a sensor warning to order a new one. The sensor messages I get on the Dexcom G5 are replace sensor soon with a time remaining and replace sensor now with time remaining of 0 minutes. The only reorder message I get is for the transmitter, usually 2 weeks in advance but sometimes get the reorder 2 week message and the transmitter promptly dies a couple of days later.


Sorry - the transmitter died a day and a half after replacing a sensor. Warnings to order a new transmitter had just started.



If you don’t have a spare transmitter, call Dexcom Technical department (don’t call customer service) and they will FedEx one right out to you next day as well as a new sensor. Keep the old one as they will want both transmitter and possibly sensor back. If you have a spare transmitter but no extra sensors, you can remove dead transmitter from your sensor and put the new transmitter in the old sensor.


Oh, the transmitter died at 91 or 92 days - only warranted for 90. I had a spare, and wrestled the of one out and new one in around 6:00 tonight. Entered the serial # in both the Dexcom receiver and my phone. XDrip picked it up after a few minutes, Dexcom wouldn’t do anything until I told it to start a new sensor session - 2 more hours of warmup. Both phone and receiver list the signal after a little over an hour.

I am livid with fury. I was almost angry enough to call after the first death - now I don’t know what has happened and have to call and live through their inevitable screwups.