G6: Errors after replacing sensor

I recenly started using a 8Gxxxx and seem to have a marked increase in sensor errors soon after replacement. Sometime I have to replace the new transmitter. Is anyone else seeing this?

For example, after replacing a sensor and starting the session, I get the usual 2 hr warm up period. Then maybe 1/2 hr later, I get a failure error that says I can’t reuse a sensor and to replace it before restarting. One time I got that error a second time, requiring I replace the replacement. I’ve gotten restart errors that have no explanation. Most of the time a re-restart fixes it, but sometime I need to replace the sensor. I had one go through the restart and start giving reads, then a after an hour, it show the clock icon, indicating that the sensor expired. I restarted it again, without replacing it, and after the 2nd warm up, it worked as expected.

Is anyone else seeing this kind of thing? Is it DexCom’s latest effort to prevent us reusing sensors?

Thanks, all!

If you start a new sensor too soon after stopping your last sensor, you can get this error.
I think they tell you it needs to be at least 15 minutes after stopping the sensor and the transmitter has been removed from the sensor.

Not sure if that is what is causing this, but I do know it could be an issue.

I think the best thing is to grab a sensor with a different code than the previous one. I sometimes get a box of 3 with all the same calibration codes. I think mixing it up will keep it from thinking you are reusing the same sensor. That being said I have restarted sensors. I pop out the transmitter wait 20 min and put it back using the same calibration code.
Some people start the sensor with no code. Then end it and start with a code to prevent the issue you are having.

I am on my 6th sensor and I had just one fail, but I knew it because the inserter didn’t retract.

I wondered about that. I tried using a different, wrong but valid, code and it still failed. I think it’s happened with a new sensor with a different code. I’ve made it a habit to wait 15-20 minutes before putting the transmitter in.