Recent problems restarting Dexcom G6

My last several G6 restarts have been difficult, and today’s has been impossible. It has been 4 hours and all I get is messages to calibrate after 2:17 pm— for example. This has been happening the last few times I have restarted, but in pas the problem has resolve itself by now, I have done this for a couple years without a problem, but not now.—Has this been happening to other—or just me. Thanks.

They always are changing the program so it could be a newer thing, someone else was complaining of the same thing.

If you try to calibrate with too big of a difference, it doesn’t like it and it will ask for repeated calibrations. If you split it into two smaller requests, that usually solves it. The second calibration I pick a number in between because it’s algorithm usually works towards that entered calibrated number anyways. I’ll fine tune it the next day.

But if you get in the recalibration loop just enter the same number two times in a row and it takes it as gospel and stops the loop. Of course that number will be off later as it works it’s way through it’s algorithm

Thanks, Marie. I have not done the 2 calibrations back to back —other than the initial 2. Will try that next time. This one has finally started working after 4 hours.—Once I get past these initial problems, these restarts usually work very well for me.—As does the pre-soaking.

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I have experienced this with the last two sensors and just gave up on the process after 4 calibrations (15 minutes apart) were not accepted. Transmitter number starts 8XL.

@SophieCat Two calibrations immediately right in a row with the same number gets it to take the number and stop the repeated requests. I’ve only heard of it not working once about a year ago. You just will have to do another calibration later as it has adjustments it makes.

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That has never worked for me. I don’t think the T:slims respond to that trick.

I have a dexcom. If you calibrate and wait 5 min and calibrate again, it will come back to life.

Marie20…I started a NEW sensor today (not a restart). I presoaked it for 16 hours and then did the steps you suggested. —It worked perfectly. Things were running smooth within a few minutes instead of hours. No wild numbers.—Thanks.


I was travelling recently (I know: TRAVELING?) and brought all my supplies but forgot my new sensor for Dexcom.

I would have to go three days with multiple times daily to check my sugar!
Oh, the horror!

Anyway, I took out the transmitter using two test strips which wasn’t that easy on the back of my arm, but managed.

Waited half an hour. Put it back in. (Remembered the code).

Normal 2 hour warm-up and continues to feed my pump data as before.