G6 issues... Have you experienced it?

I called this morning and was told they were scheduled to come today and they did. :open_mouth: The issue was not shipment, but communication - I didn’t get the typical “shipped” message and the shipment isn’t listed in Caleb’s order history.


That is very odd.

Although bottom line is great that you received your sensor order !!!

I assume you checked both the queues as in the:
“Open Orders”
“Recently Completed Orders” (also sometimes labeled “shipped”)

For the two sensor shipments which we have arriving, the replacement from Dexcom Technical Support does not show up in the Dexcom Store in any of the order queues (open or shipped) but we did get an email notification with a FedEx tracking number.

For the 90-day sensor reorder, we did not get any email notification but the order DOES show up in the Dexcom Store. Initially under the open orders then moved to the shipped orders. The order has the FedEx tracking number on it.

that is why it’s very useful to sign up for fedex and UPS shipment notifications. Everything that comes to the house via either carrier generates emails.


Good point. I have that with UPS. No idea why I didn’t do that with FedEx.

Doing it now…

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In terms of Dexcom shipping, it would appear that Dexcom is using Cardinal Health as a warehouse and distribution partner in Mississippi.

In conjunction with shipping from San Diego, this gives a reduced shipping time as opposed to all the Dexcom products originating from one or the other…

Shipping from Mississippi:

Shipping from San Diego:

@Tim35 That info doesn’t quite jive with what I experience.

I’m in San Jose CA.

Orders arrive in 2-3 days.

They are shipped from Ontario, CA.

BUT–the paperwork ALSO says,“Cardinal health”.



It makes sense that they would partner with Cardinal for another distribution center for the West Coast so as to offload some work from the actual Dexcom San Diego location. Clearly Dexcom is quite busy.

I imagine Ontario, CA is closer to major shipping hubs then San Diego, CA.

I’m also in San Jose! I have hometown pride! Of course, I moved here as a child, but my husband moved here when he was 25, and he still says, “we’re San Jose people.”

My dexcom supplies come from a 3rd party pharmacy in Sacramento, but when I got a replacement from dexcom (one just fell off), it came from Mississippi and was on back order so it took forever.

So far I’ve been disapointed with G6 vs G5. I haven’t seen any major accuracy improvements over the G5, but I’ve had more problems with sensor errors, oscillating baseline, and shorter than 10-day useful life.

Dexcom had been very supportive sending replacement sensors until yesterday when I called about a 7 day old sensor that was showing an oscillating baseline and three sensor errors over an 10-hour period. This time I was told they wouldn’t send a replacement unless the sensor error didn’t clear itself within 3 hours, no matter how many times (or how often) the errors appeared. I told the tech the sensor was useless under the circumstances I experienced. That argument didn’t get the tech to change his position. I escalated the call to a supervisor who agreed to send a replacement, but confirmed the new policy.

I’m considering going back to G5. The supervisor wouldn’t comment on how long they will continue supporting G5. When I asked why I was having more problems with G6, she said the ‘no calibration’ feature is more demanding triggering errors under conditions the G5 would have ignored or not experienced.

While they say that the sensors last 10 days, mine consistently start to malfunction at the beginning of day 9. With insurance being so tight and no sending out sensors early, it’s been a real issue. Fortunately, Dexcom seems to be good about sending replacement sensors. In addition, I just found out that the transmitter only lasts 3 months. I was originally told 6 months. Ouch.

We have been using G6 since September 2018 and have had just a few issues, other than the first 12 or so hours after inserting a new sensor and the numbers almost always being a little off. Once we are past that 12 or so hour mark, it seems like the sensor regulates itself and the numbers are more accurate the remaining portion of the 10 days. We have had one instance of sensor error, one time a calibration error where it constantly asked for calibrations, and just last night we were applying a new sensor and the applicator got stuck and would not release from the sensor. Once we got it off of his skin (sensor and all), the needle had not retracted back into the applicator. Each one of these times, I have called Dexcom, and they have been wonderful to send a replacement. This last time with the applicator getting stuck they asked me to send the defective applicator back in a return kit they are sending me. Overall we have had a very good experience with Dexcom.

Answer: I dont know. But there is a post over at FuDiabetes exploring this. Some people say there was a manufacturing change back in July that might be sparking some new sensor behavior. I am still uncertain if I am having sensor difficulty or not.

Major issue is sensor life - I started with G6 in November and only 3 sensors have gone the distance. Most commonly they start dropping readings for long stretches, including 3 hour period, about day 6 and while tech service is excellent about replacement, it still takes a lot of time to sort out.
My sensor was alerting me throughout night with ‘urgent low’ messages, but finger stick showed 237 reading. This was day 7 on sensor that had dropped reading off/on for two days. Very stressful and contributing to high blood sugar! Replaced sensor to fix (unable to get person at tech support after several attempts and long waits so I will not get replacement, yet again)

Exactly. “Bleeders”? They all have bleeders. It’s just a random thing you can’t always avoid, doesn’t matter what kind of needle, canula or filament your sticking into your skin.

I’ve been on G6 for about two months. My current sensor is on day 16, haven’t had any of 'em come up short yet.