G6 issues... Have you experienced it?


I called this morning and was told they were scheduled to come today and they did. :open_mouth: The issue was not shipment, but communication - I didn’t get the typical “shipped” message and the shipment isn’t listed in Caleb’s order history.


That is very odd.

Although bottom line is great that you received your sensor order !!!

I assume you checked both the queues as in the:
“Open Orders”
“Recently Completed Orders” (also sometimes labeled “shipped”)

For the two sensor shipments which we have arriving, the replacement from Dexcom Technical Support does not show up in the Dexcom Store in any of the order queues (open or shipped) but we did get an email notification with a FedEx tracking number.

For the 90-day sensor reorder, we did not get any email notification but the order DOES show up in the Dexcom Store. Initially under the open orders then moved to the shipped orders. The order has the FedEx tracking number on it.


that is why it’s very useful to sign up for fedex and UPS shipment notifications. Everything that comes to the house via either carrier generates emails.


Good point. I have that with UPS. No idea why I didn’t do that with FedEx.

Doing it now…


In terms of Dexcom shipping, it would appear that Dexcom is using Cardinal Health as a warehouse and distribution partner in Mississippi.

In conjunction with shipping from San Diego, this gives a reduced shipping time as opposed to all the Dexcom products originating from one or the other.

Shipping from Mississippi:

Shipping from San Diego:


@Tim35 That info doesn’t quite jive with what I experience.

I’m in San Jose CA.

Orders arrive in 2-3 days.

They are shipped from Ontario, CA.

BUT–the paperwork ALSO says,“Cardinal health”.




It makes sense that they would partner with Cardinal for another distribution center for the West Coast so as to offload some work from the actual Dexcom San Diego location. Clearly Dexcom is quite busy.

I imagine Ontario, CA is closer to major shipping hubs then San Diego, CA.


I’m also in San Jose! I have hometown pride! Of course, I moved here as a child, but my husband moved here when he was 25, and he still says, “we’re San Jose people.”

My dexcom supplies come from a 3rd party pharmacy in Sacramento, but when I got a replacement from dexcom (one just fell off), it came from Mississippi and was on back order so it took forever.