G6 issues... Have you experienced it?

Have you had any bleeders, sensor errors, adhesive issues or wire troubles with the G6? I keep seeing and reading about a ton of issues and complaints.

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Please share your issues

I voted yes but my issues are minor:

Most notable is the low reading after the newly inserted sensor is finished warming up. I’ve learned to just leave it alone and not try to calibrate it immediately. They’ve all sorted themselves out and I enter a new calibration the morning after (my insertion time is in the late evening).

I’ve only had one sensor peel excessively on the last two days but just stuck it down with a bit of tape. I’ve since ordered a Simpatch brand bag of overpatches just to have on hand.

I did have one sensor that would go low due to compression, it seems it was related to where I placed the sensor and how I sleep. I’ve not used that site since and haven’t had any issues.

IMHO it really is not a fair survey without including a similar one for other cgm systems such as G5, G4, Libre, Enlite and Guardian.

Really. Who has never had a problem with any cgm system they have used.

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Asking about G6 because it is the only one I follow conversations about, and lately I see more negative experiences than the opposite.

I voted no. But, I would second lumi73 on the issue of the G6 reading sort of low, especially at first.
I’m very curious about the issue of calibration. I’m not sure it helps. In my case, it sometimes seems to overcorrect and I’m considering seeing if never calibrating will lead to the best results over the course of a sensor.

I don’ have it yet, but I hope it is not going to be even worse than g5 for me.


Dexcom is so backlogged on G6 even if I wanted one it would be forever.

I finally got my G6 in on Saturday.
First sensor inserted painlessly, but it didn’t come loose from the insertor. First time I hear that one!
Second sensor went on quick and easy, easy start up, etc.
I have the Tandem X2 with Basil-IQ enabled. So I used the pump for the G6. And I still had the G5 setup with my Xdrip running at the same time.

I will say that for the first day and a half, the G6 had slightly lower numbers than the G5. At first the G6 was less accurate, but this was still DAY ONE. After that, the G6 was more accurate.

One note, the G5 did NOT get compression lows like the G6 does!
I would rarely get compression lows with my G5, and I have had a number of them with the G6 so far.
I will probably move the G6 sensors a little more central on my abdomen and see if that helps out.

I definitely like the new inserter, and really like how much slimmer the new setup is!

What is a compression low?

When the cgm reports sudden very low BG due to external physical pressure on the sensor. Some people get them, some people don’t.

This is not unique to the G6 as some people have had issues with compression lows for years.

I do not think we ever had one although possibly one instance of a compression low? We have been using the Dexcom since the Seven Plus cgm system.

When you sleep or lay on top the transmitter. Or when the skin gets pinched. It stops the flow of interstitial fluids, so it reads a lower number that reality.

thanks for the answers

I had minor issues, but I voted no. I switched to g6 from the enlites which were abysmal, so I am ecstatic with the g6.

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Five of the last seven sensors Caleb has used have been problematic. Just yesterday - sensor error upon insertion. On another, the insertion needle did not retract. Our inventory is depleting and replacements have no clear date for shipment.

We started out strong - no issues. We haven’t changed anything yet sensors are failing, and giving bad data.

Caleb’s been using dexcom for nine years. This is a very different outcome than we’ve had in quite some time. It reminds me of the seven plus.

We have 1 replacement sensor coming from Dexcom Technical support for a bleeder (upon insertion) and 2 replacement sensors coming from Tandem Technical support for not lasting the full 10 days (we got 8~9 days) plus a regular 90-day G6 Sensor reorder coming direct from Dexcom.

I can let you know how long they take to arrive.

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@Hammer make sure you call Dexcom about the sensor that stuck to the insertion device as they’ll send you a replacement.

FWIW I had compression lows while sleeping at first, but chose a slightly different spot on my belly which seems to have eliminated the issue.

I called them shortly after it failed.
There was a short wait on the phone, but they quickly put in for a replacement.
I should have the replacement soon with the return package for the defective inserter.

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As FYI, Our 90-day G6 sensor supply (auto-order from Dexcom) took 4 business days to ship.

Our single G6 sensor replacement from Dexcom Technical Support took 1 business day to ship.

Both of the sensor shipments will take (an additional) 5 or 6 calendar days according to FedEx to arrive on our doorstep.
EDIT: The 90-day sensor order arrived two days after being shipped.

I assume the order/warehouse work while still under Dexcom control only happens on business days.
I further assume the shipping while under FedEx control happens every day including weekends.

I could be wrong but that is why I mention business days when talking about the time Dexcom takes and switch to calendar days when talking about the time that FedEx takes.

Order placed on 11/27. Today is seven business days later and no indication of shipment.


I assume similar direct with Dexcom? Probably also using commercial insurance.

That stinks. Sorry yours is taking long. Mine was auto ordered so I didn’t even argue the case for expedited shipment.

(I always try to angle something better when speaking with a person but this time it was all computers so I was out of the picture on that.)

I would suggest to call and speak with Customer Service and explain you are going to run out of sensors and you really need the shipment to go out today. Also ask if they can send it Next Day FedEx rather than typical ground. Both of which I know are options available to Customer Support (assuming it has not already shipped - obviously).