Our Dexcom G6 experiences

It has been now almost a month since we started using the G6, and sadly I’m not a fan yet. I want to think they will keep improving the system but here is a bit of our experience:

Out of 5 sensors, NONE have made it to day 10
Sensor # 1 - gave us sensor error on day 7, readings were SUPER off
Sensor #2 - Fell while at a baseball game on day 5, adhesive to me seems not as useful as previous generations.
Sensor #3- Sensor error once again, after day 6 we started losing signal, erratic readings and finally gave us the sensor error message.
Sensor #4- adhesive started to come loose since day 1, we used Hypafix and GrifGrips, sensor lasted 5 days.
Sensor #5- This is the one my son is wearing today, has already started to give us erratic reading and losing signal.

We have reported all the sensors, and Dexcom has kindly replaced them, but it is crazy we’ve had issues with EVERY sensor and also since people are making decisions based on the reading, at times is not accurate at all.

We do love the fact that after the 2-hour warm up period you do not need to do a fingerstick and it is pretty accurate, and when it is working correctly, it is VERY ACCURATE.

My son says Insertion is almost painless. And we love the low transmitter profile.

But, at the end of the day what I want is the data to be accurate and to have data, especially now during summer ball season when we are driving all over and playing a ton of games. We are even considering going back to our old G5; it is just way to much hassle, and we are losing data way too frequently.

Where you see the LOW data is where we loose data… And also G6 suffers from compression issues at night. :pensive:



It’s troubling to read about your son’s experience with the G6. Did your son do fingersticks during the “no data” periods shown on the graph? I’m wondering if he was actually low or if it could have been from sleeping compression.

I’ve used Dexcom CGMs for almost nine years now and I’ve always admired their quality and overall accuracy. Have you and your son ever answered the session setup questions that lead to required fingerstick calibrations? I know people like not having to calibrate but perhaps some calibrations would get the G6 back on track for both of you.

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Yes, we did! We had that happened at different times of the day, the screenshot was just an example. For example, as we speak we have no data once again, the dreaded ??? and he is training, so that makes me upset because he needs to stop during his practice to check his bg.

Yes, we calibrate, and it seems to work for a while, but after some hours we have the same issue.

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Having not tried the G6 (or even the G5) I’m not a good authority on this, but my experience (with the G4) was that I got a lot of bad data/false lows and ???s during exercise when my sensor was on my stomach or side. Moving the sensor to my chest or arm eliminated those errors for me. I also try and pick a location that is unlikely to be underneath me when I sleep to avoid compression lows. (I keep pump and CGM sensor on the same side of my body and force myself to sleep on the other side for that period…0

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With G5 we got a few of the compression false lows, but never had issues while at practice. For the last year anda half he has been going there 5 days a week for 5 hours.

I’ve been monitoring comments about the G6 here and on other fora, mostly Facebook groups. I’ve read reports with some accuracy issues but nothing as consistently concerning as yours. I have read the usual reports concerning getting the sensors to stick but it seems to be an individual thing and sometimes related to allergic reactions. People seem to adjust with various over-taping schemes.

I assume that your son has used the G4 and/or the G5. How was his experience with those systems? Were they accurate for him?

I don’t use the G6 and plan to hold back with the G4 as I’m happy with its performance as part of an automated insulin dosing system. I know Dexcom is shipping G6s to a lot more people now. Maybe they can answer your questions with their direct experience.

When working properly is very accurate, but for us that only last for the first 5 or 6 days. :frowning:

I talked to our Regional sales Manager and he told me he will relay the message, too bad I won’t be able to make to ADA this year, ironically is here in Orlando but we will be at another ball tournament.

YIKES! Sounds like Enlite issues, Mila! How awful. I hope Dexcom gets these issues fixed fast with newer batches.

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Mila how long has the current sensor been running and how’s the accuracy?

Well, the sensor we are using has been the only one who has survived after the 8th day and it is still accurate. Of course it has tons of adhesive holding it, but the previous ones did not pass day 8, and accuracy issues started around day 6.

Dang! Did Dexcom have anything to say for themselves?

They claim they are still capturing feedback for future updates. Finally we were able to use a sensor for the entire 10 days.

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oh, good! I hope to hear future good reports on them from you.

@Mila have you tried Tegaderm?

I’ve used it for years now. The Tegaderm stays on my skin without issue for as long as the sensor works, which is typically 21 days; I’ve gone beyond 28 days -AND- the Dexcom adhesive stays on the Tegaderm, perfectly.

I don’t cut a hole or slot for the sensor. I just place the Tegaderm (4" x 4.5") on my skin (the side of my belly usually) and then I place the Dexcom on top of it, in the center.

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My son is allergic to it, also SkinTac. :frowning:

Bummer, I’m sorry to hear that!

Our latest issue…

Last night we inserted a new sensor, followed all the steps and about an hour into warm-up we got a message saying No Restart for this sensor or something like that. WHAT!!! It was a new sensor.

We called Dexcom and what happened was that we had previously used a sensor with the same code, apparently a significant glitch.

That’s an understatement. Unbelievable…

I thought the code was unique for each sensor!

Cannot be unique. The code is a 4 digit number. This would limit the number of sensors that can ever be sold to 10,000.

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