G6 sensor: how long beyond 10days before site irritation?

I recognize different sensitivities for everyone affects the mileage, what works for someone, may not work for me at all!
How long are users able to go beyond 10days before that probe starts to irritate and sing: “it’s time to go!..”…?
I’ve read various threads that some users are getting well beyond 2weeks of service. And over the course of CGM product development, newer probes, newer tech, adhesives, are extending the install life time.
When it does start to sing, do you suffer through the itching if the readings are accurate? Or is the scarring it is generating not worth it in the long run?
I seem to be able to tolerate ~14days for a stomach area install. I have yet to try the back of arm location.
Answer me this: average duration, site location and do you suffer through the irritation provided data integrity is good to extend your budget?

If I had to answer your exact question, negative ten days. It always itches. I wear them 25-30 days… Practically clawing my skin off the whole way.

I do get some relief by soaking the sensor tape with flonase or Benadryl spray. I’ve also learned to scratch fully on top of the tape, and not the edges. It’s a psychological band-aid, if nothing else.

Thankfully, I seem to have finally worked through that terrible adhesive run that so many people were allergic to. Currently on day 23, and it’s only just starting to “sing”… But she’s an operatic soprano.

@Robyn_H, ty for that.
Maybe my question is not specific enough, and maybe it is too difficult to tell where the irritation is coming from: the adhesive or the probe?
I think for me, it is always the probe.
It will be days later, especially for an insulin set, that the skin will start to show some minor symptoms of irritation, itching; but the canula insertion spot… …yikes!
Likewise for the sensor probe.

Luckily my irritation is mild when it happens. Yes it itches and I think it’s at the probe area and not the adhesive.

I can sense a very mild discomfort from day 2 - although most of the time I don’t even know it’s there. The itching can start on about day 5 or 6. Doesn’t seem to affect the blood sugar though. I haven’t managed to keep it on for 20 plus days yet so it could be different.

I used to get terrible irritation at the probe area with the Medtronic sensors, it would swell up. I’m now using Dexcom and luckily it’s not too bad. I’m using on my arms.

My cannula sites are a bit different. Most of the time, the tummy is fine and I don’t feel it but if I use my lower back or thighs or buttocks, it will itch and go red very quickly. It will also swell up. I don’t think I’ve been able to keep it on for my than 4 days. Those sites will also sting when I’m bolusing.

How do you wear a sensor for more than 10 days? Mine just automatically stops after exactly 10 days. Thank you!

There are many discussions on this, here is one with video and instructions. But success with restarts seems to vary.

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