G7 Overpatches

This is probably a dumb question but here goes. I have been on dexcom G6 for several years and before that the 4/5. I have always used Overpatches. I am getting ready to switch to G7. I have read reviews about the problem of overpatches provided. My question is for those already using the G7, does it matter if the overpatches are solid or with the open hole like G6? Does the closed overpatch put enough pressure to cause compression issues or connection loss?

I am not a G7 user, I am currently using Libre 2 sensors which are similar in size to the G7. I use these patches with my Libre, A patch will usually last me for 10 to 12 Days, they are a clear patch. I have noticed no compression lows when using these with my Libre patch. I can’t say how they will perform with the G7.

Amazon.com: 55Pack Freestyle Libre Adhesive Patches Breatheable Waterproof Libre Sensor Patches-Clear CGM Patches

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Thank you for replying I appreciate it.

When I had to do heavy work on my car I’ve worn strips of KT tape, a fabric with very sticky adhesive, over my G6 sensor. I’ve left them in place until the adhesive started to fail - 5+ days and not had any more compression issues or inaccuracy than without a covering.
If you use a clear overlay and are concerned about trapped air pressure, some pinhole into the void around the sensor should be enough to provide equalization.

I find the overpatches that come with the G7 to do the job, just fine. But the other day I fumbled when installing the patch and ruined it. I went on Amazon and found the substitute I’ll link to below. It arrived the following day and it went on easily and seems to work just fine. It is clear and has a larger footprint than the Dexcom supplied overpatch. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C1DK4N4M?ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details&th=1


Thank you everyone

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One more piece of useful information. If you have issues with overpatch adhesive making your skin irritated, GrifGrips has a range of adhesives and different materials for overpatches, and you can specify the medical device you are using. They have a sample-pack so to can try different adhesives and materials.
Also, if you just want a skintone color, they have a range of skintones. I know that this sounds like an advertisement, but I have used their overpatches for a long time due to having sensitive skin.

Today was new G7 sensor day and for the first time, I messed up the G7 overpatch. After removing the backing, the whole patch just crinkled up on itself. I tried to place an order for a replacement on the Dexcom website and it would not take my order so I called Dexcom. They told me that they do not have spare G7 overpatches but will immediately send me a new sensor and I should have it in a few days. What a waste, so from now on until I hear they have backup overpatches for the G7, I will just make my own or order some from a third party.

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