Trouble with Dexcom G7 over patch

Who here is on Dexcom G7? I don’t know what my problem is, but I’m haivng trouble using the included over patch. It’s much smaller and harder for me to hold on to. I keep getting it stuck on my fingers before I can get it over the sensor. Do you guys have any helpful tips for putting it on? Also, if you have any product recommendations for spare patches (since I mess mine up), please let me know.


How are you doing with the G7?
If you call support I am sure they will send you another package of over patches. I also screw one up with fat finger disease.

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Consider putting the patch on your arm and then poking the sensor on top of the over patch instead of having it on top.
It depends why you are using it. If you are just wanting it to be more secure then this is the way, if you are a big swimmer, maybe the overpatxh is better, but I use a g6 with the patch under and it remains waterproof for showers etc.

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The problem is that it was designed for use by a contortionist. I used it once on my first G7 and I did actually manage to get it on ok. So, indeed, I do have a helpful tip; don’t even try.

My current fave is these:

They’re cheap, I paid 29c each for 55 and I note the price has gone down (oops, maybe I should not recommend them!) They do have some problems; make sure to disconnect the top (upper surface) blue bits before starting and I find with all these things it pays to peel back a triangle off the lower adhesive cover before starting to apply them.

With those patches I can apply them in a mirror. Unfortunately Dexcom made the G7 be some other shape that round so the patch has to be aligned precisely.

It is even reported that Dexcom won’t send out replacements (patches; sensors no problem, patches NO!) That was on one of the two FB lists.


Thanks for this link and the tips. They sent me another sensor because the first one fell off after 3 days without the patch, but I don’t think they will keep doing that if I keep messing up the patches. Is frustrating.

I like the G7 overall. The shorter warm up time is really nice and the accuracy seems just as good if not better than G6. The only issue I’ve had so far besides the overpatch is I seem to experience more signal loss at a distance. It doesn’t seem to have the range the G6 had, but it could have been that first sensor. We’ll see as I use more of them.

Have also found it hard, but with experience and reminding myself to take the whole sensor replacement process slowly and calmly, it’s gotten better.

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I found the same issue with the overpatch for the G7, which i’m rather new to using. Now, this is not easy, but i found that with a very thin screwdriver (such as one used for eyeglass screws) i could shimmy the screwdriver between the green wrap and sticky overpatch. Not much. About 1/4 inch. Just enough to grab hold of. Do that on both ends of the patch, where the green plastic overhangs a bit. Once the sensor is in, i put down the patch and have something to grab and lift up the green plastic. (See photo.) Honestly this has not worked every time. In fact, at the moment i have a sensor with the overpatch AND green plastic cover AND one of the G6 overpatches. I also use Skin Tac liquid adhesive before anything goes on. I may never get this one off! :joy:

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I forgot to say, once i’ve shimmied in the screwdriver, i bend over the green plastic so i have something to grab onto to lift up the green plastic.

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I wish Dexcom would simply make a product that we do not have to spend more money on to keep in place.

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I agree

A very creative method!

I just received my first batch of G7’s Tuesday. I have never needed an overpatch with the G6. I attach the device to my upper front shoulder and it has always stayed in place. What is different about the G7? Folks I know who have upgraded to the G7 have had 7 or more of their sensors fall off their upper arm and have been told they are no longer eligible for replacements. I still have a few G6’s left… I am thinking I should use them up. Not a permanent solution, but biding time for perhaps a work around. What is your experience?

I think part of the issue is there is less tape around the sensor with the G7 than there was with the G6, so less surface area to adhere to the skin. Each sensor comes with an included patch. I highly recommend you use the patch, because it seems like the sensor will not stay on more than a few days without the patch.

I think you are right. I wonder that Dexcom did not do enough testing on real humans doing real stuff. Another 1/2” would not add much in the way of cost and might be enough to prevent failures.

I am sticking with G6, well I have no choice with C-IQ, but even when Tandem works with G7, I will probably stay with G6 as long as I can.

Besides the adhesive failures, it appears that the built in transmitter has a weaker Bluetooth signal making sensor to pump drop outs more likely.

Same for me. Have 5 days left on current G6 transmitter, so another 90+ days to stick with G6+ Tandem.
Look forward to others sharing their experience once available.


I have definitely noticed a weaker signal as well, which is disappointing.

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