Gaining Control

Hi everyone!

I am a previous tudiabetes member from 2007 I believe. Since then I’ve decided to go back to school and focus my efforts on a degree that has always interested me! Needless to say I have let my health slip away and I hope I can reconnect with this community and gain new friends and perspectives :slight_smile:

Recently just started the dexcom G4 system, which I love! Also am on the Animas Vibe. (Kind of missing my OneTouch Ping). My previous a1c was an eight and I am hoping to really push myself to gain better control of my blood sugar levels.

I hope I get to hear everyone’s stories and advice. As a lot of you may know, finding another type 1 is so far in between it would be nice to talk to someone who understands what’s going on. I’ve been diabetic since 2007 and have yet to meet a type 1 in the flesh.

I am curious to know if better insulin control will cause me to gain weight? Also any suggestions for 15g carb snacks or low carb snacks?

Thanks for stopping by, please introduce yourself!

Welcome back Denise
Me t1 d since 1936
Pump Minimed 325
I love it
We,d love to have you join us in chat room where we all help each other & also have lots of fun

Love almonds and at night I have celery (with ranch dressing dip) and cheese

I am in the same boat as you! I just got my CGM about 3 weeks and have started on the journey to get my a1c down to, hopefully, the low 6's so my husband and I can start trying to have a baby (And to be healthy) :) My best friend and maid of honor is actually a type 1 as well, we met at this camp called Gales Creek Camp, for kids with diabetes!! I hope that you can find someone that lives around you who is also a type 1!! If you are close to Oregon, both Clara and I can meet with you!
And better insulin control will not cause a significant weight gain, I think most of weight gain from insulin control comes from the calories we ingest when we are low. Sometimes having a night with 5 lows and follow up snacks and really take a toll on the amount of calories we eat! But as long as you are staying active, and still eating a well balanced, clean diet, you shouldn't worry about any extra pounds :)
Lastly, my favorite snacks are: Apple and String Cheese, The Glucerna Snack bars, protein shakes, Cashew milk and hard boiled eggs, and almond butter on celery! Please let me know if you have any questions or want to chat! :)

Hi guys! I’m really loving your comments as I’ve had the same concerns. Low blood sugar snacks are what’s killing my weight loss you hit the nail on that one Lauren. I was down to my perfect goal finally and my sugar kept dropping so much that I’m 15 pounds up and almost back to where I started. The only solution I can come to is to get a paper plan together with my endo and discover safe ways to lower my levels as I start eating less. I’m down to 1500 calories on non work out days since I’ve been sick with a sinus infection and when I recover Id love to get back to 1300 to 1400. Anyway Im going off on a rant there but what’s helped my A1C drop drastically is going gluten free. Now keep in mind this works for ME not everyone. The fact that I cut out most sugars and all wheat changed my life. I also cut most dairy besides yogurt. Of course working out helps. God has blessed me so much! I never thought Id see the day where my biggest blood sugar struggles were keeping them from dropping too low all the time. God is good!

I am 13 and I have only been diagnosed for 6 months and I am still producing insulin so it hasn’t been really hard ( also my dad is an oncologist.) I love to cook and for low carbs snacks I usually do meal prep and make tofu, kale chips, or celery and almond butter.
I admire you for stepping up and taking control.

Thanks everyone for the replies :) I feel empowered by gaining control and using my new CGM has helped tremendously!