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I decided to join because i feel i need to connect with other diabetics in order to feel a little better and have somewhere where i can go and know poeple can relate to me . I have been a Type 1 diabetic since i was 8 years old . Ive never had much control of my sugar because i guess ive always been in denial that i have diabetes. I can say that my last A1c level of 8.4 was the lowest level i have ever had since i was diagnosed way back in 98 . My A1c level before that was 15.8 ( off the chart .. i know ) I can say that the drop in my A1c had to do with me finally getting an insulin pump . i tell you it works wonders. im still getting used to the pump and all the work it requires . I love food and taking care of my diet is the hardest thing i have to manage. What really had an affect on me to actually make a change in taking better care of myself was running into an old friend who also has type 1 . She as well did not take care of herself for years and as a result of it she has developed a disease which pretty much kills you slowly by attacking each one of your vital organs .. (not cancer) she has pretty much lost all her teeth and is inrecognizable. This scared me ! .. i said to myself i needed to change .. i want to be able to get married, have children , and live a long plentiful life and to do that i need to change .... i have accepted that i am a diabetic and im on my way to taking control of my diabetes .

Congratulations on joining TuD and deciding to take control of your D. Getting a pump was a good step for you, it did wonders for your A1c. Here at TuD, you will find support for staying with whatever goals you make for yourself. All the members understand how you are feeling, b/c we have all been there and are still there fighting our own demons when it comes to controlling our D. Ask any questions you want to, and they will be answered by knowledgeable members. You are still very young, and have a lot of time ahead of you to achieve life’s dreams.

I’m sorry your friend is dealing with the consequences of not facing her diabetes. I was diagnosed late in life (last year) so I can’t imagine what it must be like to try to manage something so pervasive at such a young age.

It sounds like you’re committed to a new life and real change; best of luck to you in reaching your goals!

I agree with Duck and the others. The Tudiabetes community has helped me tremendously in countless ways. I wish you well in this change of caring better for yourself because each one of us is really worth the effort. Welcome!

WELCOME! I agree with the other’s here that TuD helped me alot in my control with diabetes. I got Type 1 at 10 (only 2 years later than you but I bet I’m waaaaay older than you) I celebrated 37 years with Type 1 on my oldest daughter’s b-day (August 10th of this year) You know what you were doing wrong and have now decided to take better care of yourself. GOOD FOR YOU! One thing to remember here is DON"T LET DIABETES RULE YOUR LIFE! Way back in 73 when I got it I was told never to have childern. I got 2 one 22 and the other 20! I now have 3 g-kids (one will turn 4 next month the other is 2 1/2 and a 8 month old g-son too all came from my Type 1 daughter) YOU CAN DO THIS and I really hope you know in your heart your can! Soooooo many changes in our care now! YOUR THOUGH you’ve already proved that and you can keep going! GOOD LUCK MY DEAR AND PLEASE STAY AROUND HERE!

Welcome I was diagnose in March this year and this site is a big family of friends all wanting to help.

They helped me a lot .

Sorry Type 1 on the one touch ping pump . See we all have our moments it happeneds. :slight_smile:

My heart goes out to your friend.

Fear is a strong motivator. It has sure motivated me.

Welcome. You can do it.

Welcome :slight_smile: