{GAME} Buy one item, Sell One and Throw away the other item


I would sell my diabetes, I guess it would be fun to make money off my diabetes. :grinning:
I would buy world peace, who wouldn’t?
I would trash the pill.

Next items:
A ticket for the Vienna New Year’s Concert
A log cabin in the mountains
A helicopter


Oh, decisions, decisions:

I would sell the helicopter
leave the log cabin right where it is (hard to throw away a log cabin)
I would buy the Vienna New Years Concert ticket

A trip to the Gold Coast Queensland
A month of free low carb meals
A designer dress of your choice


I would throw away the designer dress because dresses look terrible with my legs
Sell the low carb meals
buy the trip to Gold Coast Queensland

Tickets to a classic rock concert
A Trans-Canada train ticket.
A beautifully restored 1957 Chevrolet automobile.


I would buy the train ticket because Canada is said to be a very beautiful country.
I would sell the Chevrolet automobile, you can’t throw away a car like that.
I would throw a way the rock concert tickets.

Next items:
A roller coaster
A vineyard


@Boerenkool - that would be a very long train ride though. I’ve done it once (Montreal to Vancouver), and it took four days, and I had to change trains in Toronto. Not really that awesome of an experience.

I would throw out the caviar, because I’m a vegetarian.

I would buy the vineyard. I know it would be a lot of work but having all that land would be lovely.

I would sell the roller coaster.

Three items:

  1. A voucher that allows you to receive all diabetes care items (insulin, pumps, infusion sets, meters, test strips, etc) for free, for the rest of your life.
  2. The cure for HIV/AIDS
  3. The ability to teleport yourself distances of up to 80 km.


All very useful items, it would be a shame to throw any of them out…

I would throw away the diabetes care voucher because I already get all of the items on the list for free through the NHS, with the exception of CGM items and at the moment I can afford to self fund.

I would sell the cure for HIV/AIDS to the Gates Foundation for the sum of one penny. I am sure they would put it to good use.

Teleportation would save me 2 hours per day commuting to and from work,- I could use the extra time.

Three more items:

  1. A professional quality Dewalt cordless hammer drill
  2. A Gaggio expresso machine
  3. A Jotul log-burning stove


Alright. I would buy the espresso machine (I can’t do without caffeine). Sell the stove (because I’m thinking it would be worth more $$ than the drill), and trash the drill.

Three items for the next person:

  1. A valuable painting
  2. A valuable sculpture
  3. A valuable artifact


Depends on the details doesn’t it

I would sell the Van Gogh Sunflower painting (got to be worth $50 million plus)
I would keep the Picasso sculpture from the Daley Plaza in Chicago (it would like nice outside my house)
I would throw away the 19th century mangle (caused a minor stir on the Antiques Roadshow when valued at £300)

Three Items for the next person:

  1. A Jetski (new)
  2. A restored mid 20th century Bechstein Parlour Grand Piano
  3. A 470 sailing dinghy (new)