Gasteoparesis experts

Can I get some backup over here from our gasteoparesis experts?

He’s just got results back confirming gasteo. Unstable numbers - trying to learn how to adjust basal rates. 27 year old, 20 year diabetic on MI with CGM. Has a pump, but is not using it. Might need to work up to a point where he can use it safely.

He’s really having a heck of a time and needs your help. He is concerned about his safety.

Gasteo’s to the rescue, please. But, don’t overlook the basics. He needs some help on the basics before diving into the complicated stuff.


I agree I’m trying to figure that stuff out the basics as well it’s just I don’t know how to judge the data when my food could be driving the numbers up 6 or 7 hours later. Also found that food seems to not digest at all when I’m laying down. So if I digest 60% of my meal between dinner and bed. When I wake up in the morning it’s like the other 40 percent decides to hit the rest of the pipes. Very confusing. Switched to a liquid diet today after receiving the results yesterday. Hoping to give my stomach a break and maybe see some better numbers

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Bring us the data, Rleb. That will really, really help. You are the only one with access to that. Your body will be different than everyone else’s, so that’s all on you. But, it will make a big difference. You will learn things just collecting the data. I promise.

Your a young dude. Better to figure this stuff out early. It will make the whole rest of your life better.

I’m thinking a closed loop system would help because it can make adjustments on the fly. You said he has cgm and a pump but you didn’t say what kind it is.
My new system has solved my issues with dawn phenomenon as sometimes it happens and sometimes not. I would wake up with a 200 one day and 65 on the next , now it’s very level. Although this is only day. 3. Gastroparesis Is difficult because it is nearly impossible to predict how your food will be processed. Tight control of his diabetes will allow his nerves to heal.
It’s a tough thing cause it’s a deadly loop. You can’t get control because of the gastroparesis and you can’t get control of the gastroparesis unless you get tighter control.