Gastric Bypass or Laparoscopic Gastric Band

I have an upcoming appointment with my Endro on July 2nd. Almost every visity my endro asks me if I have concidered to have Gastric Bypass done. I have a really hard time loosing weight and always maintain the same weight, sometimes it goes up 1 to 3 pounds and back down to where it’s always sits.

I have thought about it on several occassions but hear horror stories about the complications at times. Now that Laparoscoptic Gastic Band (Lap Band) is out now I have looked alittle into that. One of the issues of my weight is the large amount of insulin that goes in on a daily basis, taking anti-depressant meds for Manic Depression, heart medication for heart issues, and sleep apnea which in all makes it hard for me to loose this awful weight that I’m plagued with.

The endro brings it up cause he said it will help with less insulin going in, even thought I’ve been Type 1 Diabetic since age 4. I just get tired of looked at that the only reason your a diabetic is cause your overweight.

Guess what I’m asking, is there anyone that have had the Gastric Bypass or the Laparoscopic Gastric Band done? What are you feelings, thoughts, ideas on it. Just wondering. Thanks.

Hey Chadd…I am a type 1 diabetic who is also extremly interested in the Lap Band procedure…I have dual insurance coverage with one being Kaiser…I asked my Kaiser endo what my options were and she basically stated that Kaiser will not cover the procedure and wouldn’t speak anything else about it. I also have Blue Cross and I am waiting on my doc appt (not an endo) to ask what she thinks about the procedure. Hopefully someone can answer all my questions …I really really want this but if its too risky for type 1 then I need that info!! Let me know what you hear.!! thanks, Kristy

That would be great…thanks!

I can hardly believe nobody has had gastric banding done on here. I have been trying to find out also if the lapband is effective in a TYPE 1 DIABETIC because we are not even remotely the same as TYPE 2 - just both don’'t have sufficient (if any) insulin in our bodies. I am trying to find out if weight loss is significant in a TYPE 1 diabetic w/a lapband b/c there was an article I came across last year saying weight loss is much slower for a banded type 1 diabetic than a type 2. Anyone???