Lap-Band weight loss surgery for Type 1's

Hi everyone! I’ve been doing a lot of research on the Lap Band weight loss surgery procedure and gathering as much information as I can.

Have any type 1’s here had the Lap Band surgery? Do you know of anyone that has type 1 that has had the Lap Band surgery?

Thanks in advance for any information that anyone can provide on this topic!

I am considering lap band surgery and am looking for anyone who has done so? Ericka, if you are still around, let me know if you learned anything about it, or anyone got back to you on this. Still new at navigating the site.

I read some article and I also want to know is it possible for one person with/without diabetes to gain weight after weight loss surgeries like lap band surgery?
cause the other day I saw this image of gastric band surgery:

I mean if surgeons put a band on gastric to help people eat less then how they gain weight again?
how having diabets affect the success rate of weight loss surgeries?

The person exceeds the number of required calories and gained
weight. It may be uncomfortable but can be done. Watch 600 lb life on TLC
a lot of good surgical information

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