Gastroparesis bowel movement

I just recently had a gastroparesis flare up. It has been 3 days since I have used the bathroom. Today is the 3rd day. What should I do?

Take laxatives.


Hi Dee,
Not having bowel movements was/is my primary problem with gastroparesis. I live in a city with major medical schools around and no one seemed to be able to help. I was miserable. Then I found out about Dr Michael Camalari in Rochester, Minn. Wow. I got help. The condition doesn’t go away but I know better how to treat it and minimize its effects in my life. Please look Mayo and dr up on the internet. It doesn’t require a referral, although I think that expedited my case. Hugs to you. Kim

Thanks for the info. I am so sorry that you suffered through this. I had a good dinner last night and I went okay and this morning too. I think alot of it was that I was eating very little during my flareup. I just wish this acid reflux would go away. It is causing my mouth to become dry. I am so scared for the health of my teeth and mouth.

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Hi Dee. Look at the Vagus Nerve entry…There is a Maria who wrote about a vegan diet she uses. I am thinking our problems are related to Vagus Nerve and hoping against hope that this book I just ordered might make a difference…It’s called Mastering Diabetes, but Maria added another site I am using…Hope things are going ok for you.

Kimball, I have been following the rules laid out in Mastering Diabetes for close to 5 yrs. I took the course when the guys, who wrote the book, first got started. It is a wonderful way to eat and stay healthy. I have been a type 1 for 62 yrs. My A1c is 5.1 and my TIR is excellent. You can message me if you would like.

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Yahoo Marilyn! Thank you. Today I pressure cooked black beans w an onion and good spices and made a cold apple, bean, celery, onion thingie for lunch. My icebox is pretty empty so I was shall we say confabulating as I went along.

So grateful for the connection to you and Maria. I guess tomorrow will be officially day one because by tmrw night I will have gone to market.

Am I right that you have gastroparesis? Do you feel like it is helping w complications or other Vagus Nerve problems?

I’m intimidated by ideas of diving into mangoes pineapples etc. I think I need to read more. Many thanks.

I have never had gastroparesis or any other Vagus Nerve complications that I am aware of so I can’t answer your question Kimball.

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On Tuesday the 10th before eating I was setting an alarm on my phone for 10minutes to match my digestion with the insulin. I had noticed that my bloodsugars would go high within the hour of eating. So, today when I awoke I prebolussed like I used to do for breakfast and I rose within 15 minutes. I didn’t any high a few hours after eating either. I am going to watch my bloodsugars some more to see if the digestion is working better.